Answer the question..

Which role do you fulfill and which archetype within makes you shiver yet thrilled?

We all have a role to play, as a worker bee or as a drone that was just laid. Similar to a single bee hive, we have laid out the frames by design that dictate the which roles we can and shall play.

Yet within the vessel of each colourful yet dull face lays a spirit with a specific purpose, one that feels and seals fate in their own way, now allow me to digress.

For our roles are just as plenty as our own archetypes. The two interwoven are vast and change as often as a single roll of the dice.

For it is you who chooses a profession and then in turn serves a purpose, if you ignore your own call then are you truly fulfilling a service?

You the hidden magician living life as a cook in a tin can. For your magic is stagnant because you no longer believe in your own plan.

For the path is only available if you believe that you can indeed tread it, for if you wander into the concrete jungle that consumes more and more of this reality minute by minute without faith that you can climb the pinnacle then you most certainly will regret it.

As for every two steps forward there are four challenges, unless you walk on air with grace then be ready to meet them with what you’ve acquired on your journey so far, use every trick to your advantage.

A warrior with an open heart shivers as she is led into the cubicle, where she awaits her early battle with a darkness that decides her momentary future.

For the roles that we all must take upon ourselves must be backed by our very substance, a mask for the time that was arranged by contract until it is tossed aside.

Then the very next morning it appears in our hands from the shadows and put on with reluctance.

Match the role with the soul and feel the embers rise once more and ignite your vacant heart, once more burning with passion in your core.

Alas the only way to be true to the one behind the mask is to make sure that they are within the class that doesn’t allow them to pass.

Pass away into the wind, meld into the shadows, grow angry and tired, lost in the past of what they knew all along would come if they settled, the void in their belly that they foreshadowed.

For only you can stay true to that which you ultimately pursued. If you acknowledge this simple message then it is time for you to break out of a mould and fashion something more fitting, break free and see the endless possibilities that have always been right in front of you.

Thanks for reading. As always, sending you light through love,


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