Sigh no more.

It howls and growls. A fierce and guiding component of the system that I cling to. One that eases and aligns a piece of myself that may at times slip in between the lines.

Once upon a time I would wither and shrink, pretend that absolutely everything would be fine. Yet, tonight, surrounded by tranquility and serenity I am more than willing to meet its sight.

The image that entices me is both foul and enticing. Beautiful and erotic yet rotting denying. It’s time to accept, a portion of the past that has at last come to pass.

Grounding, it’s rather astounding what love is capable of accomplishing in the most dire of times. For a single look into her eyes knocks me back with surprise. For everything is alright, for tonight. Which could very well be an eternity.

An abyss, one that sends me into a chaotic pattern of intrinsic internal debates. One that is calmed as soon as I demonstrate that I am in fact in control of my fate.

A pattern, a single or a dozen. Past, present or future. Are any truly new?

Ultimately my love, allow me to tell a story to you. One of horror and loss. A tale of cause and effect. Passion and neglect. Dictate the outcome, one that we shall not regret.

For it is written in the sand. Whispered through the stars. Burnt within the ashes, only we shall know how far.

Across infinity, there is no illusionary boundary. For the distance is non existent, yet never ending.

For the first and final time acknowledge the serpentine. For as long as I push forward unto a final horizon then alas the future shall be cemented and aligned.

Aligned with the present and most certainly the past.

Yet it is constantly changing, myself and my surroundings. Sweet moon, how long until the sun will begin to crash?

Crash upon the waves of the bottomless sea. Until we are joined by the earth and the flames beneath thee.

For the core, where it resides is where so many of us hide. Yet in the end we must at least try.

Try to discover and uncover that which we once were. To push past and aimless matrix that at times we succumb to. To analyze in between the lines. To prevent a darkness from crashing down upon our lives.

You see me, just as I see you.

I feel the issue, most certainly you do too.

To take action upon an issue that has grown unto, a massive tumour that wishes to consume the reality we once knew.

Love is the cure, for it is pure.

Breathe in the spirit of what we are, you can never forget, there will always be more.

Sending you love through light,


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