Care for it.

Whisper or scream. Either expression dictates exactly how you truly feel within this lucid dream.

What feelings can you describe and if you are willing, then please do spill your intrinsic thoughts.

As I will lead the charge and unleash that which has been contained, in hopes that in the end my current mindset will be rearranged.

Confinement and detention as far as the eye can see. Naked in a clock tower, as the concept of time slips past us all it is clear to see.

Darkness lurks at every corner and generally acts with immunity.

Yet the light of the night shines brighter than any infernal twilight. For the search shall reveal that which has been unseen for so long.

It may have been hidden but trust the souls that suffered, it was most certainly there all along.

For the secrets of the past are vast and generally skewed. Into a fable and a myth, songs and stories that generally do not subdue the deepest part of you.

As we hide and abide our time. Listen to another few verses as we solemnly sip our holographic wine. Ever so hedonistic my love, some would say it’s within our genetic makeup.

To watch the world unwind as we smoke ivory seeds and make primal love.

As our body crumbles and we turn to dust, we meet in the most basic form of energy and speak of the intense rush.

That we felt when we lived and just as we died. The feeling of uncertainty, not knowing where the wind will take us, trusting in the process; that is truly the only rule in which we abide.

For this forest in which we dwell is our own heaven and can most certainly transform into a waking hell.

Where the oak burns, the river dries up, the air chokes us and the flames greet us viciously before our spirit departs, “farewell”.

Now, please do tell, the story in which we at last drank from the well of wisdom.

The one where we at last came together and decided upon a productive decision.

One that wouldn’t separate us from one another, most certainly there would be no inquisition.

No, in this alternate reality we at last came to the final pact.

One where we decided to stop playing the games of angry children and took both our planet and true way of life back.

One in which no one was judged or harmed by the verdict. The pain brought by those upon us was something that they would simply have to live with, and we the judges would most certainly not bring about another round of generational trauma, no, we would not repeat it.

We are the future as it belongs in the present, we learn from the mistakes of our past, this you can be sure of, don’t allow the seed of disbelieving take root in your heart.

Nightmares and terrors correlate with the paradise that you seek. One that it is in the making for those that remain meek.

For the truth is that we will be labeled as weak, for the soul that we keep is not corrupted by the mechanics of an invasive entity. One that wishes to take control and burden. Destruction and malicious intent towards our direction.

Yet we have the choice as beings of free will.

To take the resistance of our lives to the forefront or simply lay still. It’s complicated, ever so difficult when you sit within a matrix that presents itself as a upward spiral.

So for now, drink and eat your fill. Soon it will be our turn to inhale the ashes of love and savor the taste of nothing more than the earth.

Sending you Light through Love,


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