Accept it for what it is.

There is no point in allowing negativity or fear to consume you before you even accept the challenge that taunts you, so you may as well allow yourself to come to terms with the present situation before it overwhelms you and becomes a reality that is no longer within your control.

The mind is the most powerful tool that we Human Beings have at our disposal.

It allows us to analyze and overcome, perceive and adapt, envision and create. It’s gift is that of intelligence and understanding, beyond our primal instincts, so that we may attempt to understand and in turn mold the reality before us to our own suiting.

It is also however, our greatest enemy.

The mind that allows one to develop the cure to a century old plague is the same one that prevents a lonely individual from opening the door to open them to a world of infinite possibilities and countless limitations.

It’s also custom tailored to the individual that sees through it, our basic biology and mental chemistry may be similar to those around us, but beneath it all we most certainly perceive our reality differently from our family and peers.

At the end of the day however, we all have to deal with the external reality of our society and the world in a similar fashion, meaning we all have to face it as individuals but adhere to the restrictions and limitations imposed by Human culture throughout our history.

It is constantly changing and rearranging as well in the 21st century. What is changing you may ask? Absolutely everything about us. In fact, it’s all evolving around us at such a rapid pace that most of us have absolutely no idea what is going on outside our own individual bubbles. I for one can adhere to the fact that after I finally am able to shut down after a long day, the last thing I want to do is open up the can of worms that presents itself in my mind.

As when I tap into the collective, the thoughts, the possibilities, the love and most certainly the pain, the death and destruction, the beauty and creation.. it overwhelms me to a point of self loathing.

I become afraid of what will happen at any moment. I become tormented by what I could, should and will become. I question my own essence and privilege in comparison to those around me.

This world is chaotic and vast.

The rise and fall of us all is what we have measured throughout history, and we never take into account as to the fact that we have risen so high technologically in such a short period of time that it should be no surprise that the Human core, our very spirit, that which is infinite and divine has fallen to the point of no return.

We shall continue down this path, shall we not? As it is too difficult to turn around the titanic as it has already scraped the iceberg, it’s hull is ripped open and bleeding into the ocean.

We have become the weight of the world, Atlas cannot hold us up forever. For even a titan must ultimately surrender to fate, yet who knows when the date shall be, the moment to acknowledge all that we have failed to see.

These words that slip out may appear to be unsettling, but knowing the strategy is half the battle and that lesson unto itself should be reassuring. For we at what shall rise from the dust of what we have become. We alone shall determine the history of the ashes after all has been said and done. We alone must learn from our mistakes and make sure that what has been dealt to our ancestors has not been done in vain. We alone must learn from both the blessed dove and forsaken snake.

So accept it for what it is and understand that what is to come, should never give you fear, as the night falls, so rises the sun.

Rather than dwell on the past, go outside and manifest a new one. New memories and the pleasure of vast uncertainty shall greet you as you look to the future with nothing more than confidence and dignity.

For it is up to you just as it is up to me, to be a better Human Being, ultimately that is what you ask of me and I in turn of thee.

Sending you Love through Light,


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