Where the dust flows.

Expand and contract.

The two forces that determine whether you are evolving or falling off your own self constructed track.

Expanding unto a new dawn. Allowing yourself to blossom like a wild lotus flower. Feel each and every breath surge through your very essence and reinvigorate you into a new state of mind, one that is reminiscent of a blissful figment of the infinite sublime.

Contracting until there is no more light. The last of the photons, that which gives life consumed by the eternal twilight. A final moment within the last chapter, a cynical and turbulent storm that wishes to draw you deeper and deeper into an unholy rapture.

In the middle world. Where both forces dwell. Positive and negative. Both heaven as well as hell. For this reality, this moment in time, is truly what you make of it. Expanding into a greater reality or contracting within a thin and itchy blanket.

This is the point in which I fell. As I, the conscious mind, was absolutely terrified. Commit to either destiny and the other shall have you permanently denied. I, the extremist wanted nothing more than the pinnacle of both mountains. Yet unwilling to commit to the trek, I found myself on a lonely trail, staring at the beginning of both tribulations.

The question of Light and Night has troubled, plagued and burnt most nations. There is no debate, no consolation when it comes to whether you are prepared to commit yourself to a life of endless or no limitations.

So when it comes down to the ultimate question, answer at your own discretion.

Make sure you have been paying attention to the lessons that have presented themselves right before your eyes.

Know too that the truth can most certainly be seen as lies and that pestilence constantly wears a beautiful and intriguing disguise.

We alone hold the key to unravel the greatest mystery that has ever been set before our eyes; to accept the sunrise as a pleasent surprise or to treat it as an unsettling demise.

Expand or contract.

Whatever you make your intention, whatever you hope to bring into manifestation, make sure that your authentic self is at peace and intact.

A happy new year to you all. If you enjoyed the piece then please do share it with friends and family whom you believe would enjoy in turn. Take care.

Sending you Love through Light,


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