Change your mind. If you truly wish to do so.

Make the decision. Stick with it. Stand your ground and enforce your will.

Exert energy where it belongs, where is that? I can’t tell you, nor can your brother or your lover, you alone know the destination of your true desire.

Allow yourself to be consumed by the fire. One that is most certainly the opposite of dire. The one that ignites your soul’s pyre, so that all may see you have finally arrived.

Yet the only proof you needed was self acceptance, self validation. To find yourself wide awake in a deep sleep nation.

Seeing a light, not at the end of the tunnel but rather, acknowledging it as the guide to your destination, one that comes from within yourself.

You, the controller, the dreamer and the believer. The three variables that will turn you into the master.

The master of yourself, as the only variable you’ve ever been capable of mastering and controlling. You and you alone have a say in where this adventure shall take you.

There is nothing to fear and you have nothing to hide. If you will, allow me to confide.

Personally, I have failed and tried. Tried and failed. Succeeded and triumphed.

Triumphed and fallen. Risen from the ashes and questioned my pitiful existence. Destroyed and maimed. Healed and transformed.

Only to find myself on the same road, the path of infinite possibilities.

The same road that asked me what I seek?

Each answer I give in turn I receive a new reality.

One a blessing and one a curse, rather a fallacy that will do nothing but take more time from my finite reserve of life giving energy.

Where will I find us?

Where will we be, you tell me.

You can find me surfing through the airwaves, oblivious to the abstract sentence that suspends me in the program known as “Enter, Humanity”.

Thank you for reading this short piece. If you enjoyed then please do share with your family and friends.

As always, sending you Light through Love,


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