Spawning Waves.

It’s very interesting to analyze how I go through my life. Clinging to idealistic moralities. Stained and engraved, these ways in which I behave, tend to align with a mischievous and somewhat sinister entity.

An entity? Me, you mean? As physically I manifest as an icon out of your dreams. Yet immolation is very real and quite frankly, a hobby of mine. In this way I burn away into eternity and reinvent myself within a new moment in the vast reaches of time.

A sinner and a believer? Are those two words to be combined.

For thrice times I have fallen. Yet thrice times I rise.

Now I am here, rather weary of the space between who I will be and who I am. It seems as though all possibilities are enclosed within a tin can that is situated and buried within no man’s land.

Alas I am very afraid to venture forth and reclaim what is mine. For bravery is foolish at times just as the life of a coward is forever pondered. For one you shall live but a glorified moment and the other you are frozen in time, constantly debilitating yourself with the thought of yet another impending disaster.

Underneath the stars I am ever so open. Yet enclosed within this mechanical leviathan I feel as though my very essence is receding.

Refined and declined. So back to the basics. Yet even these lessons are rather intrinsic and I find myself shrouded in stasis.

Breakthrough unto a new point of view. A new dawn, one that I shall not wait for, no it shall not be too long. As long as you take my hand, strand by strand we are biologically connected through this intense chemistry.

Yet will it overcome me, love? Alas, will it overcome you? For I wish for nothing more than us to come out of this unholy covenant refreshed and imbued, with a new sense of hope and adventure, bring a spark to our love, rekindle the dying embers. For there is no shame in saying farewell in the greater scheme of things, however in my heart it will strike as a nuclear disaster.

Destruction and chaos will consume, herald a new beginning from an untimely doom. Of course, I will rise from the ashes, as I always do. Another scar added to my manifestation, the pain protrudes from a discrete wound.

So I ask myself, as I always do. What will it take to recreate the perfect moment within the majestic space? For it will not dwindle any longer, no I will simply demonstrate that in order to receive the immense blessings bestowed upon me by the infinite order of fate, I must first destroy my own ability to relate, a transaction that is never free, no nothing can be simply given.

So now, allow me to analyze in between the lines. For this disguise is cheap, its dwindles as we fantasize. Nourish me, sweet moon. Challenge me, dear sun. For I will not run nor will I hide, from a destiny clearly written in the encoded twilight.

For a program to execute the final command, here at this moment I shall make my stand.

Take a breath, please do indeed. Make sure that you actually land. For deceptions are planted throughout our holographic earth, both minuscule and grand. As are blessings, this is true and I would never deny.

Plenty. Oh plenty. Few, ever so little. What to do, mister? Should I add fuel to this fire or let rain shower over. I never wrote the script, I don’t have any answers. Not that it was ever required of me. I simply am that which I am for the moment.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are doing well, wherever you are. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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