Lose the Loss.

Nothing is entirely as it seems, in fact, if you live within a square root then you are most certainly collaborating with an ineffective dream.

One that dulls and lowers your senses, bringing you to a point of aimless repentance. Feeling as though you must be admitted to a sentence, one that represents the absolution, an action that will represent ultimate forgiveness.

Feel it in your bones atop the pinnacle sitting on an ebony throne, chasing the light ever yonder. The source in which you will at last beg before an infinite altar. Hear me out, allow me to see, at last I can breathe freely.

For this moment in time at least, allow me to be.

Then drop, drip and fade away unto a new sunrise, allocate the resources to continue the battle uphill and find yourself awakening unto a new day. Don’t fantasize, realize with your own eyes that this is all that ever will be and all that ever was, you are the only author who may fill in the blank lines.

Your life. My life. Suspended in real time. Feel it in your bones. Feel it deep within your soul. Allow this moment to guide you within rebirth. Which birth, as we’ve already clawed, climbed and crawled through the unholy earth.

If only to acknowledge a point in time. A simple source. A truth in which we allowed ourselves as a whole to be divorced.

Unity, they say it is ungodly. A fallacy, one that would neglect individuality instead of attempting to piece together a hive mind mentality, for who are you and what is me?

Other than two conscious drops of energized water within and infinite sea.

The sea that evaporates unto endless dunes until the flood waters rain once more from the heavens and allow the cycle of life to bloom.

Bloom in ruin. Destroy the harvest. Protect your forgotten past, as healing would require pain and that would make you nauseous.

Just like me, for I am sick. Sick as I am unable to pick apart the analysis that is spilling from my lips. Belittling and chaotic. Overwhelming to the point that you may see my new point of view as neurotic.

On the contrary, maybe even neurotic. For what pours from this faucet is that which is singular and godless.

Godless, what a statement. When you allow your mind to go vacant. Disbelieve the past until it is simply a myth.

Disregard a myth until it is a mere legend.

Write the legend and claim it as a lost treasure, one that none of us can even begin to measure nor ponder, for if you were to attempt to understand the infinite within your finite form then your mind shall certainly wander.

Yes, it will certainly stray. Day after day. If you do not take hold of the ever spinning mental wheel then you may find yourself in misery.

Now if you care to, if you wouldn’t mind, allow me to portray.

The highest of highs and the lowest of lows, wrapped within an ever distant singularity.

So find your truth and cling to it. Cling to it if you wish to persist on deciphering the bottom of this simple myth.

Thanks for reading, pass this piece along to those that you believe would enjoy it. As always brothers and sisters, sending you Light through Love,


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