Shapes in the Sand.

Renewed hope and zeal, each and every morning, until the arrival of a newly discovered appeal.

This new feeling, an awakening experience that can certainly break the seal of knowing which action will allow you to repeal; knowing that the time has come to strike a new deal.

New instructions within a differing environment, take the chance but don’t miss a step, for futility amongst the field of instability may lead an outcome that you shall finally regret.

As one path offers many forks, each one offering an altered predicament from that which was guaranteed, as nothing is cemented within our frail and ever-changing reality.

Glistening snowflakes serenade across an endless horizon, which shall you catch up on your tongue, as it melts and washes away the abstract noise that was blocking you from being mesmerized by the beauty in the simplicity of being present in this moment.

As children we didn’t fear this time. As it was constant. Now that we are asked to read in between the lines we find ourselves paralyzed by the weight of a time in space that is out of alignment. Crazy, beautiful world. Yes, it is, is it not?

Yet it has never been grandly different throughout the ages of Humankind, if you stop to analyze each century as though it was a different raindrop, of the same storm, splashing again the pavement, which is the moment.

STOP. Well, here we are? It hasn’t been very long and we haven’t exactly come too far? Deplete, then regenerate.

Repeat the cycle, replicate the same template that has brought you to the conclusion that you in holding the reigns, guiding a dark horse along a path of undetermined fate.

Hold your temper and your tongue. Realize that as you trace your precious fingers across the invisible sands of time that it is up to you and you alone in regards to when your adventure has truly begun.

For if it has not and you feel a burning in your bones, you most first and foremost plant your feet for the last time outside your guardians home. For there is no safety in the unknown, trust the voice that says that as though it were your own.

No loving hand to hold. No reassuring voice to guide you. No calming image that will rest assured your tired and aching bones.

There is nothing for you in the changing and aimless winds, nor will you know what this path holds until the steps along it you truly begin. For it is a lonely and difficult endeavor, yet at the end of it all, you will be gifted with the most remarkable of treasures, yourself.

Thanks for reading folks, good luck in whatever endeavor challenges you currently, break through the limits that we unconsciously impose upon ourselves. Love and live as you are meant to. If you enjoyed this piece, share it with those that you believe would enjoy it as well.

As always, sending you Light through Love,


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