Simple Cell.

I do feel as though at times there are exceptions in regards to the situation that the coward, afraid of what is to come due to gathering storm clouds, decides that the only path forward is to take flight.

Take flight unto a new night, what a mysterious and unpredictable turn of events. A sitatuion that was never planned, yet fluid and structured as time permits.

The unexplained and the unattainable, both can be unlocked, understood and perceived in a new light. Depending on one’s foresight and their own willingness to ultimately do right.

So, as you escaped the pressure of the coming tribulation, evaded the uncomfortable situation, do you find yourself in a probable situation?

Do you find yourself in a better place, surrounded by brothers and sisters who are more than happy to break bread and share space.

Or do is it a single step day by day towards a state of perpetual obsolescence and decay.

Why is it that we fray when all that is required of us is to obediently pray; to the infinite beyond, creator and those below. To the highest peak on earth and the deepest cavern, that to this day is unknown.

I ask for solitude and solidarity, at least for a moment so that I may rearrange the words that I shall eventually speak.

For I am a weak man with a powerful tongue. I am an endless wave of emotion that washes the sands of your skin and brings you undone. Hair loose, eyes wandering to my hips. If I were to open my heart to you indefinitely, would you offer me an electric kiss?

Or would it be a miss. A simple game that is to persist, until the end of time, shall we go through it all, list by list?

Possibly we shall come back to. Unto Unity. Unto you.

For the Lion must accept that to the wolf, they are equally matched; would you truly risk your pride if you were face to face with a silent pack?

Hunger, thirst. Two needs that can invoke a primal curse. Don’t ponder on one or the other for too long otherwise you may open yourself to a world of hurt.

Hunt the unexpected. Take credit for moments when you made it through the gates even though you suffered and were neglected. Make love underneath the sunset, for if you fade away into the stars the next day, you shall certainly not regret it.

Find solace in silent airwaves. Deny me once more before I fade into eternity.

As always my friends, thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this short piece than please do pass it on to your social media or friends and family whom you believe would enjoy it as well.

Sending you Light through Love,


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