Carpe Noctem

We must be resilient in order to see the next light of dawn.

If we fester or dwell upon the previous horizon, then perhaps we shall not deserve to embrace the new song.

One that sings of endless possibilities and precarious outcomes will be heard by all before it is too late, for it shall not emerge wrong.

Each note a pointed emotion, that shall ring true throughout the ages, reminding us of our true purpose, our infinite potential, we shall forever be amazed at the capabilities of a free mind, rather than one that has been imprisoned within an isolated cell for far too long.

Creatures of the coming night, sirens of the open sea, I beg of thee oh truly I do, what would you ask of me? Or rather, what would I ask of myself, if only in a dream, is this what I choose, to be a part of my own epiphany.

For I have seen the end, portrayed in millions of ways. Decisions, oh decisions, each step taking me further and further away. Fear not oh deep jungle, I remember thee, I acknowledge the debt I must repay.

Yet, one that has been paid time and time again, through blood and tears, what do you ask of me in this dusk, it is ever so late. A case of fate, one that I am most certainly accustomed to.

Lose yourself in space, and your burden will be heard only by you. For it is true, social demons and charismatic angels cling both to me and you, enticing us with mesmerizing thoughts, hoping that eventually one will strike the heart and manifest true.

For the killer of man is but a man. Either another, your own body and a twist in one’s destined plan. Choose, patiently but swiftly, the heir of your ways.

Choose carefully, for a single error will send you back far more than a few days. As a body is single, there is but one.

The mind a vessel, dictating the battle between the ego of the world and the spirit from whence we truly come. Make sure your battle is yours, indeed it is yours alone- as you are a king within an infinite kingdom and many seek to claim your throne.

You sit atop the turrets of your emblazoned fortress, watching the dark knight and his perilous force advance, call swiftly to your queen, for she is your only secret weapon at hand.

As your love calls to the heavens and begs the evil forces to turn away, your nemesis takes off his snarled mask and reveals something that forces you to wretch in misery.

For underneath the dark helmet lays but a man, ever so similar to you and for some reason, winking at you and you alone now is your chance.

As you run to the bathing hall to wash your face, in the mirror you steal a glance. By chance, it seems that you and your nemesis are one and the same.

Maybe by a different name, yet it seems that you are besieging that which you have worked to create up to this day.

For it seems that we and we alone are tied to an intricate fate. Don’t think too hard on this soliloquy, for it is not a debate.

It’s a fact in fiction, now allow me to demonstrate, that only a fool would make an enemy out of their greatest ally, make peace with yourself before it is too late.

Thank you for reading this piece, it is appreciated and I hope it served it’s purpose, meaning you enjoyed it. If you did, please do pass on to your friends and family. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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