Dreams that Dance

My dreams frighten, mesmerize, embolden and at times even guide me.

I am never one to make sense of them, although many claim it is a powerful skill to possess, as though you are capable of becoming a seer, glimpsing into the infinite possibilities of your own precious life.

The vast sea of the unknown. That which is both positive and negative. Hungry and taunting. Yearning and unrelenting, constantly spinning a new cloth of time.

To me, the unknown is a blessing and a curse. It embodies that which is persistent in this lifetime, fear and hope.

Without one, the other is frail and meaningless. With one, you are reminded that the tides may in fact change, for better or worse.

Be on edge, for anything is possible at any given moment. We don’t know where we will be tomorrow, only yesterday and at this very moment.

Planning for the future is but a concept of the future.

For while you scour and attempt to build a bridge from the present into the beyond, those in the present are conquering and evolving and they shall be at your gates, mental or physical before too long.

So build your barricades against treachery, acknowledge that you, in fact, may possess rivalries, see yourself in the endless river, being washed clean by a vacant sea.

Realize that in fact, although you may remain mostly intact, that there are forces beyond your perception that seek to reap, sow and ultimately alter that which you inhabit, to rip your soul from the vessel that tethers you to the physical realm that you attempt to keep on track.

See the messages, decode the encrypted fallacies, endow yourself with a gift that only you can see, internal peace and solidarity.

Thanks for reading my friends, be cautious and stay vigilant in your days as well as nights. If you enjoyed, please pass this piece on. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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