Flee the Dust.

Precious Moments. Different times.

Lacking succession of the moment that will truly define one’s mind. Through the maze, lose yourself in the labyrinth.

For the unexplained interruption of one’s solace is directed by another’s sole discretion.

Play your affection, like the string to a new fiddle.

Beautiful and mesmerizing at first, yet as time wanes on it grows out of tune and if not replaced, rather brittle.

Understand the thought laid out before, for there is certainly no doubt, that it was yours initially, yes yours alone, it is not the duty of others to manifest a similar creation.

Humility grows alongside the internal alchemy, combust thee readily and verily. Plunged into the apex of infinity, yet emerging within the primordial trinity that encompasses the vast and endless spectrum of Humanity.

Mind, Body, Spirit, so to speak. without the balance of a single element then the chemical reaction may occur rather horrifically, alas even in that state, there must be beauty.

Why oh why, do you pray, why oh why, do you stay?

If only for today, to keep the concontion bottled up so that you may release it for a trade of tears and sage, after all, one must keep the darkness at bay.

For the light, I see through and through, pouring outwards from you, is a blessing and a curse, I know first hand that this is true.

As there is no shield to hide you from the depths of emotional pain.

Emerging from others as a thin needle, invisible at first until it is ultimately injected into your veins and you understand the struggle of another as your own, this sadness is an addiction unto itself that can bring many to their knees.

Accept and you shall receive.

Repent for nothing of your own doing and you shall be brought to your knees.

I’ve wasted energy on the complexity of my repetitive emotional tendencies that prevent the soul within from singing aloud. I’ve broken bonds with myself simply because I was unable to face the shadows. I have lived a lie due to lack of self-respect, which intensified the neglect that was constantly protruding through my heart, which in turn could not be fed. I see you as you see me, there is no perfection alas I can provide but the one honest word, sincerity. I bring it upon you as I bring it upon me. I shall rise above the falling stars, I shall lay quiet amongst the whispering trees. No longer to ponder or wonder, for this moment is but a fragment of forever.

I feel a change coming in my own life, sooner than later. For the better. I believe that I have not allowed transformation in quite some time and that I shall benefit dearly from this. I pray that each and every one of you are grasping each opportunity, each moment and manifesting your dreams into a reality. Thank you for reading and please do share among those whom you believe will enjoy in turn. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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