Remember our pact?

A small ripple amongst a grand wave splashing throughout a vast and limitless ocean is invisible to the island surrounded by such an unpredictable and chaotic force, one that is natural, one that is creating, replicating and disintegrating.

A singular photon, which births the view of You, eye as well see the differentiating yet similar conditions that are concurrent throughout our chosen sight.

Which is rightfully engulfed in my primal screams within, hastily scrawled upon the bed sheets at night.

Why, oh why do we have to face a decision that is almost exactly like a demise. For a prize? For satisfaction?

A simple chemical being released within our chambers that invoke yet another ever so complex reaction. Fear the fate as of late, for it is a trait that can have you crawling to the gates.

Behind lays a surprise, similar to the sunrise, the stars eyes and the fall of the moon which, if we had our way, would be written amongst the seemingly picture-perfect smile that graces the lips of a goddess, staring at the sculpted and pained features of the lost lord.

Who gouged out the irises of his children, blinded and wandering through land that once was, yet is no more. In the shadows we greet, sleep and plunder dreams.

Dreams that are nightmares, nightmares that are partial memories of the collective and utterly exhausted supply of ever-dwindling schemes; schemes that envision a brighter day, for are they but few.

Alas, maybe that is within the cellular soul, the singular mind of the being that manifests these words as they appear to you.

For it is true, throughout the ages, pages upon pages have spoke, recorded and manipulated the various stages that we happen to find ourselves wrapped within. A gift. A curse.

Now, let’s chime back in. As it was when it was wild and free, so shall we soon return it to be.

For even if there is an untimely tragedy, would we be able to return ourselves to a brief moment of implacable victory.

The smoke calls, fades and blackens the song within my heart.

Ever so heavy. Ever so dark. That which I fear. It is true. That which I do not possess.

Heart in alignment with the soul beating deep beyond the fever burning within my chest.

Allow me to confess.

Allow me to even digress.

For this is but a test, one that may pass above my head. Be careful, for this path that you tread.

Will lead you either to a warm or cold bed.

Both are comforting in the end, for that is where we all finally meet, within the earth, where we are reminded that all along, we were in fact, dead.

Do not construct a barrier, speak clearly, be merry, cherish her and release him.

For only you know where to begin, yet another journey, oh where to begin.

Words to touch through to you. I hope they served their purpose. Share with those whom you believe will benefit, as always sending you Light through Love,


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