Turbulent Feathers.

You told me to remember my roots and that which I once was.

As there is nothing else but a shadow, a dictation, a figment of the Human Being hiding beneath the pretense of fear.

Why, you ask, are you simply unable to release your heart from the prison that you have found yourself within?

You as the captive and captor, you do not know where to begin the journey to find yourself where you were when you ultimately began.

Do you hold a plan, a master key possibly?

For the truth is hidden amongst the stars, ever so distant yet plain to see that you are all that has ever been and all that will ever be.

Now cast a spell of invisibility.

Fade away into the ethereal shadows and taunt your barbaric idiocracy, the state of mind that you have now conquered and now look back upon in embarrassment and hesitancy.

For we remember it, do we not, although it causes a knot in our stomach every time we believe that we have forgotten, for we have not lost we have simply evolved, we have risen past the ways that used to hold us back from our true cause.

Our cause is our purpose, our purpose is the torch, our spirit is the ember that shall give rise to a blazing fire, lighting the way upon our disenchanted and dark path, the light allows us to rise farther and farther past the demise of our latest session of negligence.

Through the tip of the spear, death occurs.

Once we make it past this segment, life rises as it never has before.

Life, the warrior, and healer in one is the greatest simulation that we are capable of experiencing as energetic forces caressing the spectrum of consciousness.

There is no mistake.

There is no question.

That you, oh sweet familial one, are here for a purpose that is suited to a discretion. Rise to meet it.

Serve us all and serve yourself.

For the reason of existence is simply understanding through decisions that enable you to be of assistance to yourself, the elder and newborn whelp.

I’ll see you on the other side figment, and do not hide.

For the more you close your eyes to reality, the clearer it is to acknowledge that you, yourself are not willing to abide by your own law, that which was set before you.

To enforce gratitude, patience, and unity, that is the true virtue. Love is the driving force, allow it to guide you.

Brothers and sisters, continue along the right path. The one that sings within your heart. Thanks for reading, share with those that would enjoy in turn, your social media, you never know when someone could truly use these words like you may have. Sending you Light through Love,


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