Grieve your Love

Comfort and solace, they appear upon a night in which I am sickly and frail.

Tossing and turning from lost night terrors, they strike and seize my entirety, my essence dwindles from encapsulating all the colors of the spectrum down to a dull, fleshy grey, it is in fact stale.

A single side of the card, what begets the others?

A vibrant and grandiose reality that forgoes all forms and states that cause one to suffer.

For there is but a fork in the road, a decision to fall or fly, there is a load, an immensely overwhelming one, that fixates itself upon our heavy shoulders, forcing us to flee the burden or rise to the challenge and stare our enemy dead in the eye.

The flock, I am amongst it and I am hidden within. This is no trick, rather it is a folly to say that I shall break away, when I have not allowed myself to simply begin.

A voyage that lasts an eternity, that is a sentence that we all carry as long as we draw breath within this collective vision.

I always thought that I had complete control over the outcome of this journey, yet my focus and willpower driving me amongst this finite road are solely two variables that thrust me forward.

I have yet to take a stance.

I have yet to scream of the courage required.

I have yet to acknowledge myself as the missing ingredient to the recipe yet, at last, I do see that I am in fact required.

Required as the requiem for this disaster.

An apocalyptic scenario of course, but if you push through it then you shall rise as both the hero and master.

Master of your own destiny and hero of your journey.

A drop of honey within the catacomb sea, ever so sweet and enticing you to stray away at least momentarily.

A thousand years have passed. Suddenly and swiftly without a moment of silence to at least piece together what has happened that has prevented you from seeing what you require as it is what you lack.

Faltering and gathering to open irises to light that is darker with each passing moment.

Hand in hand, will you join me in reuniting with our complex simplicity that encompasses all of Humanity?

Have a lovely weekend wherever you may be. Thank you for reading. Share with friends and family. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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