Slow cooking under a sapphire sun.

Silver sounds cascading throughout the trees all around me.

A meek wolf follows my blood trail, ever-dwindling as the deep wound that I carry heals ever so slowly.

The more I struggle against the process, the more the scar tissue tears open. Pain follows. I rinse the dirt from my feet.

How much longer until I lay down and allow the angels that prowl closely behind to rip through my facade.

Envelop me in light and send me on my final flight, the way that puts me face to face with the harbinger.

The monster is known as calculated time, the one who causes and who must be faced in order to at last set sail and be free from the plight.

The plight which beckons you closer and closer, offering to whisper truth into your ear; have no fear, acceptance of your own disillusioned phantom is the first step towards bypassing all the lost years when you did not hold your own love dear.

Why is it then, that I am malfunctioning and afraid? Is it because I know that once I begin to serve a higher purpose other than the self that there is at last no turning back.

I, hide deep within the artificial cave based upon the isle of an active volcano.

Rather fitting, is it not? To see yourself immersed within the limbo of time, wondering if you will move closer towards a vision that will make sense of the sublime.

Thank you for reading. It’s my honor to give my words. If you enjoyed. Share with your friends and family. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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