Heavy Clouds, Soft Lips

Serenity, at least for a breath.

There are constantly alternative scenarios weaving endless possibilities throughout the mental maze in which I wander throughout the abyss, waiting for the daylight to break through and yet another night to end.

As a hidden catalyst soon shall refract off of my parallel existence and cause the fork in the road to bend. Well this is odd, is it not?

To find yourself glued to the exact same spot as before, comfortably numb, without the weight of the world.

Soon however a call shall come. One that shall stir you out of your long and hardy slumber and force you to run.

For you must catch up to your dreams, or so I’ve been told.

If they get ahead of you then even a millennium could pass and you would feel nothing but the icy cold. Shock. Fear. Uncertainty.

Flooding through your nervous system and engulfing you in the presence of a chaotic entity. Choose wisely, remember you have but a single chance.

For the life of modern Humans pass swiftly, it can pass you by without warning nor will it grant you a single chance.

Frailty and passiveness give way to strength and confidence, yet this is only true if you choose to vanquish the dark beast lurking within the crevices of your secret thoughts; those that you do not share aloud for fear of the judgment that would then descend upon your essence, cutting straight through your frail shroud.

We all hide away. In the beginning anyway.

As we evolve and progress we either take up arms and rebel against our innermost fire, through the tribulations we are forged into a pure essence, we become Human, the dark and the light interwoven to produce will.

Through free will, we then act upon our perception. We adapt and alter or neglect and falter.

The choice as it always has and always will be for each and every Being throughout the space of eternal infinity will be to either rise and soar or to lie aimlessly and sink.

Our limited lives are and always will be based on decisions.

We are the product of our own design. Our surroundings and relations will most certainly always shake our foundation and challenge us in either a positive or negative manner, however, we choose each step as we land our footing upon the blessed ground that we all ponder and wander throughout.

This is no mirage.

This is a gift. A gift of acknowledgment. A gift of wisdom. A gift that is yours and yours alone.

Now what, shall we make of it?

As the first month of the new year comes to an end, I wish you are all doing well in your journey of life, be the Hero of your own destiny. If you enjoyed, please do share with friends, family, and social media. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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