Infinium, just a moment.

I see a light hovering above, if only ever so briefly, every time I open my eyes as I rise from slumber.

Comforting it is, most certainly.

However it’s sole purpose is to serve as a reminder, for it is the tether and I ride within the vessel.

Immersed as one, here on this earthly plane we face a very difficult struggle.

One that invokes emotions of all ends of the spectrum; from those facing the starving farmer, crying in anguish as his malnourished son, barely a boy, fades from this realm.

The unmoved baron, the one sitting lonely in his serpentine cave surrounded by nothing more than vast wonders, riches, and shadows who wonders if his new plan for world dominion will move into the next phase or will he and his nobility have to rewrite the program and launch a new experimental test.

Opposite ends indeed.

When you struggle from moment to moment while others measure by centuries and ensure the Earth and all those upon her do in fact bleed, in one way or another, for death by contact is not the only way to make your color recede.

Confined, is that what we in fact are?

Do we question, if only for a moment, the history that dictates our present reality, or do we accept it blindly due to the fact that we have to attain another golden star?

Fear. Hatred. Distrust. Violence.

Powerful emotional weapons forged in the depths of malevolence, deployed far too often in this timeline to ensure silence, obedience, servitude, and self-worthlessness.

Love. Peace. Acceptance. Truth.

These allies of ours can bring us closer to an unimaginable paradise in utilized in union, but always be careful to not be caught in a dire rouse.

For deception is the ultimate tactic which has led both the beggar and empire to their doom.

As Beings of intelligence and reason, this we must understand.

For we and we alone have control of our day to day faculties and decisions until we are taken by death’s hand.

With those two traits, which has separated us since we were split on the plate, allows us to reason and adapt in a positive or negative way.

Each step illuminates a new path, gifting you the decision of how you shall play this life out on track.

The more you see, the less you know.

As it reveals itself more and more, you must act out your part of infinity within your finite segment of the eternal dream, it’s quite the show.

Wishing you the best in whatever it is you are pursuing at this moment in time. Thanks for reading. Please support my work (if you feel obliged) by sharing on your own blogs and with your friends and family. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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