Clarity of a blurred line

Advancing; whether forward or in retreat, we are always moving somewhere.

Towards a planned or sudden victory veiled as defeat.

The honest road is filled with newfound wonder.

The darkest road filled with the truth hidden beyond an armor of deceit.

What a pity, where next do I wonder aloud?

Reciting the same droned lullabies that are whispered to me alone as I sleep.

Songs of the old and present and new.

Verses that depict a shifting reality.

Fading and climbing, towards what, where and when.

As soon as a hidden path is uncovered, the previous seems to end.

Consciously or controlled, that is to be determined.

It’s difficult to break free of an environment you have grown to trust.


Now say, shall we ponder a while as the stars run, for the fury of the sun it but the sum of a small one.

Interesting how we speak of the wind as it bends to its knees.

We are far beneath it unless we believe the misleading.

Fortunate is it not, that we ourselves are not yet seething. For they can overcome, can they not?

That which you release is your own external thoughts.

Now and then, I think of when, if and why we will relent. It’s an odd, odd world, is it not?

Thanks for reading, as always if you enjoyed the piece feel free to share with friends and family.

Sending you Love through Light,


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