Spera Veritas

If only we could reverberate the gentle rhythm of time in tune to the truth of the present.

So that we could bend it, only more until the end, where we neglect it once again. It would rush to us, at that moment and only then, that this right here is where it all may finally end.

You wouldn’t encapsulate every possibility into a bottle and seal it away, if only for it to turn to dust, and blow into the vast river, once more until today.

For today is different, here and now we allow the well to seep.

Remember once more, what you’ve endured and now happen to tolerate.

For a funny bone or a twist in fate are fragments that can shift the present date.

Into one or the other.

What would you say, that you tend to dictate a situation as it is presented on a golden plate?

One that is imbued with your future, beautiful and bright, yet surrounded in a haze of smog and fright.

Pixelated Light strings forth granting the sight.

A mind unbroken sees through mountains.

Filled with Water. Blown across a vast ocean.

Upon the rock that spins and makes dreams, like this very one, in fact, come very true.

It’s hard to comprehend how far, in fact, you can bend when you keep the vehicle on track. Lack of the idea of going back, back to a different moment in a free time where the stars were grazing on the astral planes, soaking up the darkness and spilling the deepest of flames out into the blackness of eternity.

Birthing life on bodies of Earth and Water.

As Air fans the Flame of a newfound wonder.

Creation of a unified body now allows for the equilibrium to take place inside a newly discover forge of life, creating and expanding to the most complex forms of simplicity.

It’s a wonder, is it not, when you open your eyes to the vast reality opened by an infinite eternity.

As always, thanks for reading. If you enjoyed, please feel free to share.

Take care and as always, sending you Light through Love,


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