Unbroken behind Iron.

Do you ever wake up and come to the realization that you haven’t been living?

You awaken to familiar surroundings, the usual rhythm awakening you from slumber into action, yet you can’t shake the feeling that something is out of place?

You pull yourself out from underneath the warmth and begin your usual morning ritual, yet you can’t break out of an alien mindset that is leaving you more distant from your reality as each minute passes.

After seemingly dragging yourself through your routine, you notice the time is later than you expected and you spring into action.

Yet as you jump your ignition, the facade deflates completely and you break down in a lapse of overwhelming defeat. What has brought you to your knees, however?

Life as you know it couldn’t be much better, could it? You enjoy your career, your relationships in all their aspects are exceptional, your habits are being tended to, you feel passionate about what you are doing on a day to day basis.

Why then, is there an emotional burden budding within you that has you feeling as though Atlas may have at last fallen underneath the weight of the world, calling you in as his replacement at the very last moment. This hopelessness occurs to us all, it is a blessing and a warning.

A reminder that although everything on the outside may be looking pretty good, your internal essence is leaking from you more and more each day, leaving you at the end as a rather polished looking empty shell.

Inside, there is nothing more to give and you most certainly are not looking to receive, right now, you are looking for fuel.

You are looking to heal.

Mentally, physically and spiritually, we all get wounded in these aspects throughout our lifetime, and healing one won’t always help out the other.

Here, we realize that the time has come to sit down. Regroup our thoughts and acknowledge the paths that have led us to our current destination; is this where we belong, does this place in time appease our hearts and release the clouds in our minds?

If it does well then fine, bide your time and sip upon your flavorless wine, numbing more and more until the line between reality and illusion is no longer clearly defined. For we control, we also manipulate, we take and forsake, in the burning nights we pillage and rape.

That which is given is also received. Break free of shackled road that makes you tremble at the knees. Climb free from the sea that has bent and broken your creed.

For it’s all in the pinecone eye, the decision to fly or the willingness to die. We are here, for a limited time, in a limitless multiverse, we can dictate the future or we can complain to our ancestors walking the land as we are mere energetic ghosts.

So please, do see me. Do see that I am attempting and trying to break on through this heavy gate of fear and negligence. Of lies and unquestioned obedience. Of deceit clothed as truth. Yet I am also the one defending this gate, unwilling to allow my true self through.

Question me, for I am looking for answers as well. Acceptance without evidence, that is why we are behind this veil.

Thank you for reading, it is truly appreciated. I’ve been seeing the patterns that I have allowed myself to slip back into and am working to really get back to where I thrive consciously. I hope your journey of healing and truth is guiding you along a path of truth and positive reinforcement. Sending you all Light through Love,


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