Mollis Aurora

It happens ever so often and ever so swiftly.

A pivotal moment that redirects the momentum of your life, propelling you towards another of life’s mysteries, however simple or complex, that you have been pursuing since you began on this endless path.

A single step may have you upon a path that you were never meant to tread, yet it is readily available and willing to accept you as another traveler of time, after all, we play a game against sand, against fate, against ourselves, wondering when we will, in fact, catch up to ourselves and be carried with the wind.

It’s unfair and uncertain, that at least is certain, about this reality that you and I share.

Born into bronze, silver or gold, it matters not as long as the sun rises and the moon falls, for your status, wealth, prestige and presence is simply irrelevant when you touch the Earth, inhale the Air, flow through the River, and set Flames to the inner pyre.

We are but a fluttering wingstroke in the vastness of infinity, so why is it then that we can’t simply take the moment simply let it be.

Allow this feeling of seemingly unleashed serenity to wash through you and then be shared unto me.

For Love, ours especially is another wonder of the world but with all that energy it also requires dire responsibility.

For we cannot build a hidden kingdom if we are busy feuding over land rights.

We cannot look a mad tyrant in the eye and declare that justice shall be dealt swiftly but without a fight.

We cannot drain the ocean to find our lost time, scattered to the waves and smoke consumes our pavilion within the sky.

What we can do is this and this alone, to simply persist, to resist the fear, anger, and guilt that has been eating at our hearts.

For we require far more, you and I, wouldn’t you agree?

You a flower of unmatched beauty, wit and grace who has yet to flower into an entity of profound wisdom, who shall be guided along a right path through time and space. I, a breath of fresh air.

One that screams to the heavens, that here I am, open and bare. Ready to receive, for far too long we have been deceived.

Into believing that we were the enemy when all we needed was a little love and reassurance in this world of chaos and instant ecstasy.

Alas, gentle waterfall.

You are so much more. So much to give and so much to learn. This, a general archetype of us all, without a doubt.

However, it is time that we swam across this ocean, no need for stagnantly crawl. Let this be a lesson, one in which we have many, that the key to moving through a situation like this is to have faith in yourself and be steady.

Move along, wildflower, do so and please, remember the breath of eternity shall settle your fire and fuel your nectar.

The nectar in which we all possess, ingenuity, creativity, intuition, and power beyond belief. Fuel your energy, and we’ll meet at the third hour of the early morrow while the sheep sleep.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I have much to work on, this includes myself and my passions. Don’t forget to work on yourself. Give yourself the time you need to thrive. Peace to you all, sending you Light through Love,


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