Temperamental Glass

It’s so difficult to show true face in this day and age.

As perception is the antidote as well as the poison, it is wise to be cautious in order to avoid any form of deception.

Inception sprung from a decision, now why is it that we are once more in the middle of a reaction, one that rises from the inaction.

The stagnation, one that rides across all of Humanity.

It shows us that there is a cunning that wishes to strangulate the freedom that inherently belongs to both you and me.

For progress, one that is miscalculated and strange may evolve into the poison, rather than as the antidote that was initially arranged.

The truth is hidden until you reveal yourself to yourself, quite literally.

For until you step out into the rays of the moon or the dawn of the sun, you will not understand which light is emitting from the other one.

We, only we, hold the answer.

The response we’ve been searching for since time immemorial will not come from the mouth of a hidden master nor the inner dialogue from your ancient ones.

It’s simple, we alone hold the key to our inner freedom and outer dreams. Yet we hold ourselves to a low standard and why is that?

Is it because we live in a world that keeps a backward structure intact and forsakes those that have an organic mindset that challenges the bricks that are laid, determining the reality that we will have then be forced to enact.

I for one, see no end.

No end to the hierarchical hive mind that seems to dictate an end. An end to our past, for it has been forgotten, an end to our present, for it is fading and rotten and an end to our future, for it will no longer be within our reach.

Unless of course, day by day and mind by mind we end this collective siege and release.

Release the fear, the pain, and blind slavery. Unless we take action, we will be forced to bend the knee.

To none other than our own shadows.

As always, thank you for reading. Reach out if you enjoyed, please share with your friends and family if you wish to support my writing.

Sending you Light through Love, by that I simply mean that my energy recognizes your consciously driven energy and greets it with Love, Respect and Acceptance, do the same to others, it makes the world move more smoothly.

It’s rather rigid these days, do your best to not be molded into that which you are not,


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