Alien Alias, Rewind

I don’t want to be a repetitive parrot.

Singing the same song day in and day out. I would much rather be constantly morphing, like a drop of water, fluid in its motion and fitting each situation’s shape in accordance.

I feel as though I have been on a path for far too long. I am weary, I am dreary, I am a traveler who is suffering from misadventure.

The journey I embarked upon is not turning out quite the way I envisioned it in my mind, would you mind if I simply started over?

Alas, that is not applicable to the application currently in effect. You can’t simply end a simulation if you are uncertain of your current position, as termination is another term for regret.

Wonder then, for more than a moment if need be. As there is no sense in rushing headstrong through life as though death is all you seek.

Patience, that is a virtue that will set apart the strong from the weak.

We need time to analyze and understand what it is we are doing and why exactly we are doing it.

Rather than to make ends meet, what is it that we seek, are we selling ourselves short as if we were cheap?

If we are, is that due to the fact that within we are not intact entirely. Intoxicating and poisonous, the mistress known as prolonged procrastination, indeed she is.

Masked as a charming man too, who will work his way slyly up to you, “how do you do?”, suddenly years have passed.

Your heart of glass shattering as the point of affection becomes more and more distant, soon to be a figment of the past.

Now you ask yourself, why did you give in so fast, knowing that it could very well last only a short while. Before this flash of lust, you were interested in truth, knowledge, and understanding of the dichotomy that rips through our society.

Now, before I forget allow me to interrupt this segment for a short message on my void. The one I am constantly trying to fill. The war that I wage tirelessly uphill.

For it is a longing and it is a search, that leads me to release these words so that I may unload a portion of my curse.

One that dangles before me as each day comes into fruition. The same one that has my eyes wide staring into the night’s sky as the daily song ends its last dictation.

It’s a mixture of pain, hope, and uncertainty. Uncertainty as to which of the two I shall evoke as I know that I must grasp the moment before it overwhelms and swallows me.

For I am a serpent, I slither and speak to those willing to listen to me.

I am also the hawk, flying freely through the stars, not willing to ground myself for fear of losing the independent vigil assigned to me.

The wolf inside, constantly stalking a new question so that I may hunt the final answer, which leads me upon a larger and more vibrant trail, the scents give hints of both paradise and disaster.

I am a man. Torn open, can’t you see? That the entrails within have been missing vital signs for an eternity.

Now, as I drop to the ground. I feel the pound. My heart gives in, I do not make a sound.

I am alive, I realize. For at times, this seemingly obvious thought evades me, leaving me trapped in an abyss hovering between purgatory and infinity.

One a grey plane of misery, the other covered in the wonders of the spectrum hovering between every emotion, torn and whole. Which day shall break, which night shall fall?

Will we ask for assistance from the king, will we beg forgiveness from the priest, will we surrender to the warrior, will we plead with the thief, will we give praise to the farmer or steal from the merchant, if we surrender our souls to a role, we must first make sure that it was worth it.

Enjoy your day. Be grateful for what we all possess (however much or little). Have faith in yourself and those around you. Make sure the work you do today is your best. Thanks for reading, sending you Light through Love,


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