Sweet Understanding

Cautious to the point of self-exile.

Would you care to sit a moment, the desert stars wish to gift a tale that was forever as present as the flowing Nile.

Representing a misunderstood lesson, if only we had paid attention to the differences between our scenarios that always added to the same equation. For a conscious mind must also be wary, for it is a mistake to believe this world is your oyster, otherwise your bed has already been made.

For there many secrets hanging stale before our faces, these answers beckon a receiver, yet we fear we will be perceived as forlorn, yet another one of the forsaken.

Yet do not fear. Simply as it will get us nowhere.

We have been conditioned, you see do you not, to accept the given statement as fact without even further thought. Hush, now we should get some rest.

The chaotic worms in your head will with as soon as you get tucked into bed. If only to reemerge in your dire moments of dread.

Yes the darkness, it is an enormous beast of burden, with an insatiable hunger that always craves more, no it cannot be fed.

This is why we must allow ourselves to come together in a moment of silence, a moment of serenity. Accept the fact that as the wind blows, the mountains shake and the sun dances, this moment is forever more all that ever was and ever will be.

Not literally but is it figuritively. For this could be snatched away in an instant, and then what would we have been, lost amongst the waves, admiring the endless sea?

I have been searching for the last thing I will ever possess, the simple fact that I and I alone am in control of the beating heart within my living chest. I am a cell upon a body of ever-morphing chaos, the beauty you couldn’t fathom and terror you would not dare imagine.

This trial. This vision that I continue to develop as a liaison between myself and the ever-dwindling horizon. I can ride the fluid motion with little to no resistance. Then again I would not be living, would I be?

No, if you care to speak freely, then shall we defy this reality? The one that has us locked within a maelstrom of emotions, nightmares, and dreams. Let us break from the cage.

Destroy the locked exit of this maze. Break anew unto the next phase. This is what we bring, this is what we sing, this is what we breathe, the ever constant motion of change.

Make the most out of your darkest moments. Allow them to energize you. Allow them to remind you of the Light. Allow yourself to be free and understanding of the highs and lows that our lives bring forth in every imaginable scenario. Time doesn’t wait. Do what you must. Sending you Light through Love,


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