Superior, Inferior.

Chaos unfolds where there is too much for the Clown to handle.

Consciously, he unloaded joke after trick until his entire livelihood was up in the air, in a state of stasis, momentarily it would collapse unto the ground, shattering into fragments of dust, soon to be carried off by the winds of time.

If only the trickster had thought through his act more thoroughly, maybe he would be capable of making the show please his audience, the most fearful critique of all, that which we call life.

For life is a critical shade, constantly changing and in motion, it is incredibly difficult to keep track of which emotion is on display, about to be unleashed unto our own trajectory.

One day on top, the next we are on the bottom. For it is a state of mind, success undressed professionally is happiness; we judge ourselves far more while others typically we judge far less.

Only when in comparison to the ego, our own mind, do we take the time to jab those whom when seen side to side peacefully, we would regard as friends, but in this state of society, we must regard as worth far less. For it is tricky to please this master, it is even more difficult to awaken smiling beside it.

For when we relinquish control of ourselves, then the monster inside will be more than happy to step inside our life and see what it is capable of making of it.

Then we forget the past. Lose faith in our lessons. Think less of our loved ones. Place pride above honor. Lose truth so that we may possess a crown of gold. Give up the names of those that search for free so that we don’t need to face the ice cold sting of vindication.

We become numb and sterile, infertile and in denial. We denounce ourselves when we take too much upon our plate.

Then we are surprised that we are left with nothing when at last we break. Allow me to demonstrate briefly. When we neglect the contents of ourselves, that which we have built ourselves into, that which we value above all else so that we may please an external identity, we begin to crumble.

We fade away ultimately. Until we find ourselves huddled alone at the brink of internal combustion, atop the waterfall of eternity. Don’t jump, simply flow with ease.

Find your peace and take the next step towards your own heart’s contentment.

Close your eyes, find serenity within the tribulations of your mind. Find the eye of the storm, acknowledge your limits, your strengths and weaknesses and don’t allow yourself to ever succumb to the scorn of others or your own personal thorn, ally or enemy, which to yourself, shall you be.

Give an offering of peace, allow it all to cease, look to the moon and at last see yourself for what you are; a figment within an infinite dream who believes the whole world is suffering because of your own uncertainty.

Take care and be at ease. Let that which does not serve you in a positive manner to dissipate. Breathe and release the anguish. Pass on this piece if you felt it shift you and believe it could do so for another. Sending you Light through Love,


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