Recalibration of Static.

A single breath, forming a brief space, from the present moment that is constantly giving chase.

Pursuing what is on the other end of the horizon, why is it that we do so vainly, as we don’t enjoy the current view of the light shining through. As it must be better when we are closer, don’t you agree?

As we begin to grow frail and more weary, it becomes clear that we are following a path that was set before us, dictated in fact, rather than the road in our hearts, that will ultimately set us free.

We allow ourselves to become prisoner and guard of our own concept, one that we cleverly developed, day by day over the course of our brief existence.

Devising a grandiose plan that will lead us towards our ultimate happiness, knocking off our goals and dreams and chasing them hungrily, believing that the thrill of the hunt will bring us infinite bliss.

Predators, searching for the next prey. A member of the flock, the head is low and our needs are provided, why then do we feel deep down that we have been betrayed. Betrayed by ourselves, is that not the case?

For we are in control of ourselves and that will is solely ours alone. I am in control, my body the temple, my spirit the king, my heart the throne. Yet it has not always been this way.

In fact tomorrow I could very well be under siege by yet another invisible enemy. The following day I will be in mourning from the destruction, the next week I will be rebuilding the ruins.

It takes time to truly conquer yourself. Only once mastery of oneself is accomplished can you truly go out henceforth and claim to be of assistance in the healing and solidification of another.

If a damaged one goes out to conquer then surely they can only bring about a disaster. Acknowledge the enemy within. I have.

Now I seek to rebuild my kingdom, the one I let slip to the embers in my past. It starts here, in my dream.

For now, I see clearly and the world is as bright and beautiful as it has ever been.

Even through the darkness and destruction, I see warmth and truth. Even through the fear and deception, I acknowledge the love within myself and each and every one of you.

Be true to yourself. Honor those around you. Bring love and compassion. Spread your inner fire. To you, to me, to every single being.

Have yourselves a lovely weekend. I’m going to be challenging myself each and every day henceforth to push myself outside of my comfort zone, by reaching out to those that are feeling low and by being true to myself. It’s difficult to live by your own creed at times, but ultimately you are in control and your mind is your most powerful ally but if you allow it, can most certainly become your greatest adversary. Sending you Light through Love,


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