Fluttering wing strokes

Get back inside.

It’s where you belong. From the external, the only thing you can accomplish is looking in; pondering and wondering of the current and what will unfold, how and when.

You won’t have any control unless you decide to take action. Spread your wings and come forth, claim that distant horizon.

For we alone are capable of rotating the constant, to bring forth change to an area of life that is riddled with stagnation.

I know, it most certainly appeases the situation, to look into the hourglass and claim that you were ignorant of your place in the world, that you were blinded by hedonistic infatuations, or by rather pressing circumstances of survival or starvation.

For there is plenty yet ever so little. As long as we have our fill, however, we will not look outside of this highly decorated bubble. Stay within.

There’s nothing you can do on the outside. However, what do you know of life if you’ve never even had the chance to trot past the nearest field? If you haven’t dove head first into the sea salt ocean.

If you haven’t made love under the watchful eyes of a million stars. If you haven’t watered your tongue and spoken loudly and surely, of who you truly are.

We dictate our lives as though we are unsure how to play the fiddle. Uncertainty is pervasive through the common lot, fear and anxiety spill the blood of our nation, what a riddle.

For if you stay within the saddle henceforth do you even know of the intended destination? Was it you who mounted this destiny of yours or are you simply leading it because of outside provocation. I for one, am a joker and to quote, a smoker.

I laugh of the fallacies laid before me as fumes surround my meditation chamber.

I lead one role, then replace it the following day. However my mask is constant, it does not change. For it is I, me and myself. I’ve drifted away from hopeless and deceit.

I envy the days of old when I could discretely contemplate my circumstances, rather than have to meet them immediately and without a second glance.

Yet it is here, through the earth and fire that we are tested, then soaked in water and dried by the wind, we realize that we remain the same, unrelenting.

Show your affection. Be who you are. Never listen to the whispers, for only you can build yourself a path to the stars.

Care little for the past, but remember your lessons. Be here, right now, and always attentive. Prepare for the future, but toil not over it, for if you live in every moment of history then you will be at a loss with it.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your support more than you can imagine. If you truly enjoy my work, then please do share it with your friends and family. Take care, be free, enjoy each moment as though it were the end of eternity. Sending you Light through Love,


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