Amoris et Lux

The simple realization of manifestation is a beautiful actualization.

For before we were scattered across an endless sea, thoughts fluidly but chaotically spinning across the horizon. Taking root one moment and put to the torch the next. Allowing the seed to root and take form through nurturing this blossoming idea into a powerful and vibrant entity existent within our world, rather than solely in your mind, that is remarkable.

Sharing what you have to share to put it more simply, being who you have always been but may have been too worried to not only be honest with others but yourself ultimately. That unto itself is priceless. We find ourselves at times, a floating island, invisible to the greater world around us. Believing ourselves to be all that is, therefore why create when you are simply alone?

When you are not, and never have been. The gift of giving unto itself is the greatest feeling you can possibly attain, through selflessness you were capable of bringing about change to another perspective that may have been in dire need of what you have brought forth; physically, verbally, mentally. We as Human Beings are naturally social creatures, removing us from our magical playpen in which we interact with those around us can most certainly turn us into the monster that we were always attempting to slay internally. It is ever so difficult is it not, to find the peace that we seek.

As the question remains, how and when will peace reside within our hearts, our souls and most importantly, our mind? For peace can easily reside in the heart and soul without even knowing, only through the conscious mind we are consistently doing battle with the greatest enemy of all, ourselves. When we fail to realize that only once we are ready and fully surrender to ourselves we will then be capable of truly manifesting our heart’s desire, our dreams and goals, none of these come into fruition.

Life so far has offered me very little solace and very little understanding, albeit I have pushed myself to the limits at times in an effort to grasp why it is that I have been incapable of self mastery. The answer I am beginning to understand is very simple, I’ve been looking in the wrong place the entire time.

I’ve been looking to the world and it’s history, and although it has allowed me to understand what I am as a Human Being and the rich and vast beauty and destruction that we are capable of, it has never fulfilled me. It has never truly grounded me. It has never granted me the healing and peace I have sought after, on the contrary, it gave me more trauma and certainly a deeper grounding in the maelstrom of chaos that engulfs me at times. Ancient texts, meditating into bliss, plant medicines, physical practices such as yoga and the martial arts; these are tools, but they are most certainly not a solution. So what is the solution?

That is something I ask myself each and every waking moment of the day (it truly is always on the back of my mind). How can we as a collective more so, begin to understand and comprehend the solution at hand.

For it means nothing for one of us, even a grouping of us, to grasp what it is to truly be a Human Being living out their truth however that may be if we are unable to understand and nurture those alongside us into their own truth. I say their own truth, as we all have to come to our own solution. Our own way of living. Our own way of dreaming, loving, breathing and truly understanding, ourselves, so that we may then relay that which we are in every inch of our being unto those closest to us, who then may in turn relay that unto themselves, and in turn those closest to them as well.

My heart is heavy and spinning as I breathe these words into existence through typing them on a keyboard where they will soon be transferred to the internet, where YOU, will then indulge and ponder upon them. I fear at times that I myself am incapable of living in my own truth, in my own light, as we all are. Fear, that is the enemy of Love. Love, that is a truth. Most certainly. Compassion and understanding, those unto themselves are immensely powerful truths.

So then, the question beckons, what is our solution? Our solution ultimately is to live in our own truth. One that rallies our heart and spirits into a place of grand initiative. Through living in love with ourselves and those around us, and the key is, without a doubt, loving yourself; I can wholeheartedly say this. Let me briefly tell you, stranger or friend, one and the same until you prove otherwise, that for a very large portion of my life, I have inherently loathed myself at times. This has prevented me from manifesting my thoughts and dreams into reality. It has destroyed relationships of mine and allowed opportunities to wither away and die, when they should have blossomed and thrived. It always comes down to fear; fear of the unknown, what if I can’t handle the stress. What if they won’t love me the way I deserve to be loved. What if they just want to use me. What if I won’t be capable of grasping the concept. All these “what ifs”, all of these “I don’t knows”, they have already set me up for failure and I am sure you have felt defeated in this same exact way before hand.

Until I learned to love myself, which by the way, is most certainly a daily struggle, one that I lose at times, but the days that I win, I really win. Before that however, I was wandering in an ebony abyss with no shining light nor direction guiding me towards my destiny. When I opened my heart, I was terrified. Love has always been alien to me. Even though I’ve had a lovely family, friends and a woman that would follow me to the end of the world if need be. It just didn’t seem as though it would be a fitting piece to the puzzle which is myself.

No wonder I was miserable for most of my youth, no doubt. However, now that I have removed most of the armour that served to block out the actions, words and ideas that didn’t serve me, I am able to open myself up to them in turn, understand and analyze and then dictate how to respond in a loving manner. Only by at last surrendering to myself to the love inherently within me am I able to truly transmit my own spirit unto this plane, through myself I am able to in turn manifest that which I have always intended to do without even intending it.

When I surrender and let go of all the futility surrounding me, the stress, anger and uncertainty, I am capable of manifesting my dreams in turn. I open myself to Love. I open myself to my passions. I open up to the simple fact that I am but a Human, I’m doing the best that I can given my current circumstance and that unto itself is all that is ever asked of me, it’s all that was ever asked of you too, to simply to the best you can in your given circumstance.

Once you love yourself and begin to understand who you truly are and how you function effectively, you are opening the channels of understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your dreams and desires, your fears and worries. Once you understand, you can be compassionate towards yourself. You can truly start to treat yourself the way that you would like to be treated, now ask yourself this, do you treat yourself the way you would like to be treated?

Depending on what answer you have, you may be able to grasp what the first step for your journey, after reading this short piece, truly is. Only once you live in Truth and Love, will you begin to find yourself truly capable of manifesting YOURSELF onto this planet, quite literally, everything will begin to align simply because you unto yourself have, at last, aligned. Now that you live this love freely and willingly each day, you will in turn spread it to those around you, love is fiery my friends, it certainly catches on quickly.

You want to start living? Start loving. Go and tell your parents you love them, pray to them if they are no longer with you physically. Tell your lover the truth always, and love them the way they love you. Tell your friends how much they mean to you. Compliment a stranger. Buy the first round. Start helping out those who cannot help themselves as you are capable of doing so for yourself. You may require food and water to nourish yourself and a shelter to keep you out of natures way, but emotionally, the Beatles (my father’s favourite and one of my own, bands) certainly had it right when they famously sang, “Love is all you need”.

I’ll leave this piece at that and I hope you had yourself a lovely day, wherever you may be. Please feel free to comment on what the post meant to you or if you have any questions. If you enjoy my work then please do feel free to share it with your social media or friends and family, I want to reach as many people as possible. As always my friends, Sending you Light through Love,


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