The River Runs Free

A single pebble in a rippling river.

Vast it is, with an incredibly powerful current.

One that can take you under within an instant, if you don’t breathe fluidly and swim vigorously.

A sudden rapid dictates our next direction, for you cannot guide yourself upon this vast body of water, you can float, but attempting to will yourself in the direction of land will most certainly distract you, causing you to sink.

Deep under the sapphire spring, even deeper within the ebony depth, this is where we relinquish, this is where we forget.

Only to remember once we open our eyes, realize our lungs are filling with the fluid of life and before long it shall become the opposite, morphing into our end, what an untimely demise.

It is then, and then alone, that we decide to either fight until the end, to break from underneath and to rise above and continue our fluid pattern, or to sorrowfully moan.

This undisputed mystery that appears to both you and me, some would call it destiny while others would point that the latter statement is nothing more than a fallacy.

Yet, what if the answer is a hybrid and nothing more. What if you are capable of treading water, acknowledging even the rapids as part of the journey, rather than seeing it as an obstacle, one that you must forcefully remove. So it is, we dam the river of life.

We build ourselves an encampment upon the banks, where we are at peace and safe, yet there is no longer truly a meaning to the light emitting the beauty and chaos that appears before our eyes.

We watch spitefully as the adventurers, inventors, saviors and trailblazers struggle upon their own journey. We watch them and boringly state to one another, “I’m sure glad that’s not me”.

Yet we wait and work hard, others have joined us out of fear and now we have a blooming village. The river goes quieter each day, as a myth and story goes round that the river simply leads to ruin.

All the creative, all of the daring, all of the courageous, all of the loving, they come to us in droves now, we teach them to value structure and the stories that our ancestors, those that founded this bustling now city, gave to us long ago.

The main one is simple, “relinquish your journey, for it leads to the end of the world, and here we have built ourselves a safe and stable home”.

As the concept of time that we frame to our walls begins to fade. As our hair goes grey and we begin to swiftly age. We forget what it is, in our final days, that lead us away from our journey, astray towards the transparent light.

We go back to the river late at night, simply because it feels right. We watch and we speak, wondering where it’s rapids truly lead.

We cry and we ache, for the healing waters, this journey of life, we realize at last s what truly sets us free. As dusk fades and a new dawn rises, we notice for the first time in a while, a swimmer who is ferociously splashing.

“Come weary traveller, we have what you seek, for the river of life is too strong and we as Humans are built too weak”.

“You believe you are the only ones who seek safety? You believe you are living in truth, is that what your ancestors teach? For I have passed many of you all along this river, those at the beginning, the middle and the end, and none of you are different. I might be struggling through my own journey, but at the very least I am free. Not all the possessions nor are all the stories could possibly take that away from me! So I bid you farewell as this journey pushes me yonder, I believe you all shall stop residing in frailty and uncertainty and join me within this river!”

Quiver, we both did. As we fell to ours knees. This is a truth, that only you can continue your journey in life if you wish to truly be free. So we took off our garments and silently waved farewell to those remaining inside.

We took our first step in the river, at last we truly felt alive. Matter it did not, if we lived or died, for on the other side at the very least we are able to say truly that we most certainly tried.

I bid you all good day and am praying that you are well, wherever you may be in your own river. Don’t stop swimming. Always push yourself further. If you enjoyed the piece, then please do indeed share it with your social media and friends and family, it is appreciated if you help get my work out to reach others whom it may touch in a positive manner. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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