Attentive Intention

Judgement and Acceptance. Terms and Conditions. Truth and Deceit.

Where the mind wanders, the body follows and the spirit watches.

Realizing what has passed may have been the only route to where you are now.

Bearing more scars, yes, but possessing more wisdom, that is a certainty.

Life makes the greatest of us, yet it can also break us.

Over the course of our journey, where do we draw the line and decide that at this very moment in time we are not separate from the invisible nor are we subjected to doctrine of the divine.

Words pass through our lips or are transferred onto parchment where a portion of the true story now lives.

Images, that which we all understand and perceive in a different manner, no matter the background, from the far corners of the Earth, we grasp the softness of the sand, the warmth of the sunlight, the cold kiss of a snowflake and the unimaginable grace of the butterfly, the calculated response of a machine, the deep embrace of a lover or the wonderful scent of exotic cuisine.

A portion of our dreams retained. Giving birth to an answer long ago forgotten and now remembered.

What is the purpose, I ask myself this question ever so often. The simple message encoded in a bottle which resides at the bottom of our hearts ocean.

Only I can dive, deep down into the atomic structure where we all truly reside. To break through the walls of a great kingdom, one which was built upon my own decision, to keep out the invaders who would not care to grasp my disposition.

The one whom would never be welcome into my shadowy castle, was none other than the light in which my soul reaches out for if only to touch, but not yet to keep.

There is nothing special nor unique about this predicament, for we have always been the true enemy that engages us once more as we speak.

The truth shall set us free, living within it and loving the path for thee. I understand the commotion.

The destructive tendencies. The seemingly lost cause that we have been reinforced, rather brainwashed, to believe ourselves to be.

The lie that is told in the dark to keep the answer of the light you seek if only for another day at bay.

The demons that lurk around each and everyone one of us, to give in or to pray reverently, a decision that must be made.

Alas, we are afraid, after all the bills must be paid, the wheel must keep turning and the children will soon be on the front stage.

For they are more than the future, they are our past. Our past reminds us of where we once we and how we came to unravel the chaos and allow peace to finally pass.

If you are feeling lost, and you are told by a strange merchant that you can finally be free, but only at a cost, acknowledge that the right of freedom is one indefinite truth, one that we possess alone and not a single soul can give to you.

We can’t grant another safe passage without first taking the step to the other side, where we wait patiently for our loved ones to arrive.

In due time I know in my heart that we will right our wrongs. We will begin a new chapter, the “Uni Verse” will be rearranged and collectively we shall sing a new song. Don’t wait too long, the voice in the back of my head always whispers.

For we may have free will, but fate, that is one variable that shall in the end, always deliver.

Find yourself at peace. The stress and anger release. If our lives were to suddenly cease, would we be happy with the vigorous piece of vitality that we happened to compose and give to the earth, sky, stars, ocean and trees.

Thanks for taking the time to read my piece. Please pass along to those whom you believe it could assist in redirecting emotionally. Feel free to repost on your own blog and link my own in the credentials. I am feeling super grateful, I’ve managed to stay true to writing my blog now, even if I have had some hiatuses and moments where I feel like giving up entirely, for close to three years now. I’m grateful that you guys keep coming back and checking out my work. If anyone would care to share their own work, I would love to read it. Please message or comment.

As always, Sending you Light through Love,


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