Her trials within Him

Grasping the perspective of another can be ever so futile until you have experienced what has led them to the disposition that surrounds them at that moment in time in the first place.

We tend to believe telepathy is more commonplace than it truly is.

We emphasize and then typically unconsciously categorize those we interact with based on immediacy.

At this point, subtle perceptions are more often than not a typical misconception which on the whole spectrum of the deviation before us, is a mere projection.

Emotional turbulence, I am rather well acquainted with this term.

One that conveys and allows and individual to learn, or repeat.

Repetitive cycles tend to be a poison that en masse, we indulge upon, as though deep down it is what we seek.

It was never intended, I speak for most of us in that statement.

For if we knew what action would lead to which direction, would we thrust forward our Love or Fear, would we remain internally vacant?

Wear me like a blanket, I will provide the warmth you seek. That is what we want is it not, to feel comfortably numb, within this state of stasis, we need not speak.

For the words that come forth are uncertain as of late, why is it that I have no reasoning to the tears running down my cheek.

For we are no whole together, until we feel whole on our own two feet. Visions, they have led me far and wide.

Recently I’ve envisioned a rainbow. being swallowed whole by the sea. Atomically I was moved into a new state of being, if only for a moment, I realized that acutely this internal picture represented my current state of Humanity.

Wonders that wander until the beauty has been scattered to the wind. Pass your judgement through the ages, repent a moment after you sin.

For there was never a requirement, I never asked anything of those before me. I simply ask the endless question, why do we fly away from the truth, when it is plain to see; the only way forward is through releasing the façade and loving the error. The error that is thyself, a message could not be clearer.

No longer is there a reason to wander and there was never a reason to falter.

To begin a clean slate, your decision, oh infinite author.

Wherever you are in life, don’t let yourself slip, keep pushing forward, for you truly deserve nothing more than happiness and bliss, yet for some odd reason we must first suffer through growing pains, another stitch. Sending you Light through Love,


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