Sun, Stars, even the Moon

Sweet songbird, why do you no longer serenade, all the folks in misery, wishing for a sudden epiphany.

Locked away, at a young brisk age, in a golden jeweled cage, taught that your life would be a set stage.

Unseen, yet never unheard.

Your memories from before were burned, now they are all that you yearn.

Oh little love, don’t you dare try, to slip away in the dead of night.

Sing yourself a numbing lullaby.

For what lies beyond these walls is a world that is ever so cold, do as you are told, only skeletons are bold.

If you wish to be accepted into the platinum mold, then realize you’ve already sold, the only thing you’ve ever owned.

For there is no you and me, only you, indefinitely.

As I will fade and join my cousins in the air or my lover in the sea, then the only songs you shall sing are to the lost ones in the dust and the spirits that cling to earth infinitely.

For this was never a game, never a contest of fame, no rewards to reap and no fair maidens to claim, this was your chance to express that we are one but we have never been the same.

Fly to the sun, whisper into his ear, have no fear.

Find yourself among the stars, for they would love to hear you play, a vibrational rhythm that sets our one song in motion, every single photon universally shall engage within this parade.

When the time comes, sweet little bird, and you grow tired of this endless tirade.

Whisper to the moon, “I’m both happy and sad”,

Suddenly, you will break through the purgatory.

Into a new timeline, where your old songs shall now bring you new glory.

For we shall never fade, your courage shall never pass, the only principle that is truly moving, is each strand of sand in the hourglass.

When it all becomes too much, the weight too heavy to bear, realize that all that ever was and ever will be is here now, would that verse strike you as fair?

Sending you Light through Love,


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