Rumbling Winds

Strength and Courage.

Two attributes that will guide each Soul safely through trials and tribulations presented constantly in the the wheel of life. Yet these characteristics rarely are gifted to individuals as a birthright, they must be forged and harnessed through experience initially.

When we are presented with a challenge, no matter how petty or consuming it may appear to be, we must first muster the courage to accept and face this trial and then in turn we must utilize our strength in order to ultimately emerge from the contest victorious and having learnt something of benefit from the encounter.

Facing the darkness of oneself in turn can be viewed as the ultimate tribulation in ones life, for once we accept the darkness within and release it knowing it has and always will be a natural part of us, it is far easier to accept this piece of those around us.

We are all murky waters hiding the depth of oneself below, allowing a fragment of ourselves to surface momentarily and reveal a truth to those before us, altering their own perception of the conveyor as well as themselves. Finding the courage to delve deep within our own internal ocean requires deep strength and love of oneself, for this internal work is that which breaks or makes us as Human Beings.

Allowing us to overcome shadows that have haunted us since our earlier years. Forcing us to see the beast that we have become while showing us how we came to be this way in the first place. Love is the Light that shall guide the way down to our deepest layers. For after all, we are choosing to at last love ourselves because we are beginning to know ourselves.

To begin with, this process of searching within may have come as a result of seeking to appease an external component to your waking life, these are typically relationships be they social, professional, familial or romantic or they could simply be a materialistic or intellectual desire.

Once the journey of diving inwards begins however, we quickly realize that this was not for the benefit of us in the outwards realm, it is an opportunity to understand why the external circumstance is the way it is through understanding our internal construct.

We build ourselves up day in and night out through ritualistic thought patterns and habitual actions that in turn program the way we live our lives on a daily basis. In order to solve a reoccurring issue we must first acknowledge the root, or rather the source of the issue, how we came to this issue in the first place and then either accept and release this part of us or allow it to continue to plague our lives.

Accepting that we are only Human at the end of the day, each uniquely suited with strengths and weaknesses and susceptible to making mistakes, allows us to focus on what really matters in our lives.

Mistakes, plenty have been made.

Acceptance of them and having the courage to ultimately forgive yourself and those who may have wronged you is critical to ultimately letting go of the wound and healing you of its trauma. Gathering the strength to admit your flaws takes an open heart. Now, knowing what you do now, what shall you do with yourself? Continue down the path of close mindedness and fear, otherwise known as insanity.

The alternative being accepting the errors of your past and transmuting that stagnant energy into a reserve to fuel your newfound grounding and purpose in life, which to begin may simply be imparting gratitude for the fact that you are able to take a step in the positive direction, rather than dwelling on what could and would be.

Our responsibility is to be ourselves wholeheartedly and honestly, to be of service to others and ourselves, to protect the weak and care for those who cannot do so for themselves.

Only once we present courage and strength to ourselves so that we may re calibrate our state of being, may we truly prove that we are worthy of living the life that was ours all along, in truth.

Open heart, see with it. Open mind, be with it. Open body, move through it.

I love you all. Seriously. Take care of yourself. Appreciate and harness your essence and bloom into the beautiful Being you truly are. Sending you Light through Love,


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