Biding Harvest

It was a passing glimpse. Yet more than enough to simply take a chance.

Within this sacred dance, if you allow opportunities to pass you by without a second glance then you must truly be in the fool’s dance.

It dims, hummers, glides and subdues.

Before you know it, the prime of your bastion has withered away, from the dawn unto the gloom.

This is the pivotal moment, the final reasoning as to if you should grow or decay.

This is not an easy decision, now is it? If it were we’d be gathered in great halls, sipping wine by the vineyards, stating that it is certainly a blessed and simple life, isn’t it?

For there are no answers to the questions that you possess.

Only actions that decisively allow you to digest your atmosphere and those whom you hold dear, if it can all blossom through love or defy longevity through fear.

When I allow the sun to glisten unto this disposition, this friction that was ultimately stagnation, dissipates within memory.

This rune stone uncovered dictates a different reality from that which is set in stone before thee.

One in which we gleefully soared through blissful skies that enveloped us in love indefinitely.

Arrows pieced the epiphany, forcing an abstract confrontation with the creature known as you and me.

I see at last that this was all in my mind. These soliloquies, questions and distractions that were inherently defining a mythology interwoven through a personal story line.

That calls for a cold one, especially when divination proves to be a steeper dive day by day and fluidly inherent from the micro to the macro of infinity.

Light and Love


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