Albeit, Humility

Learn from your experiences.

For diving into the abyss of reality blindly and without cause can surely redirect you on the road you walk.

Take in each day entirely, do not despair over the anxiety nor exaggerate small victories, for as you rise above the threshold day by day, your own happiness increases tenfold and the love you have always held deep within begins to portray a kindred connection with everything encompassed within the endless infinity.

Part of a picture perfect plan, which is stained and maimed, expressed now as it was always meant to, true but somewhat bruised.

An infusion of consciousness that allows us to periodically convey the ghosts of our past and the mistakes that wounded us when it was too late.

With discretion, I withhold my affection, knowing that this lesson I currently am reciting is one that shall lift me beyond the veil that separates two opposites that certainly attract a synergy that corresponds to bliss and unacknowledged boredom which leads to a sudden relapse.

When this gate opens and the guard is lowered, chaos, confusion, greed and anger, the enemies within lead both the unaware king and queen in ruin.

Pursued by the mad man, the wild man and a vine stranded in time. If you pay attention this once, I shall explicitly dictate as to why I’ve fallen from the heavens and landed upon a comet cascading endlessly through time.

It was to learn. It was to choose. It was to win, but it was also to lose.

Thoughts that free fall across my mind, take me to a cavern reminiscent of enlightenment where all is deified. Here is it known, low and high, that the waterfall of knowledge and luxury ultimately reaches the dark crevices of uncertainty and plight.

Salute or question the figure before you.

The one that programmed, analyzed and truly placed a beast within you.

Creatures of habit. Creatures of thought. Creatures of life.

If only the magician was no longer a despot, maybe then we would be granted foresight into where we will place our feet.

Within the alive and vibrant jungle, or the cool and dead concrete.

I know you lay before me. Begging me to finally sleep. In my dreams I am an animal, one whom you scratch and hold fiercely. Now I am released. Wandering through memories.

They remind me of past summers, in which our Love was defined by momentary soliloquies.

Fire with Fire. Never, only the wind. Fluid through discomfort. Fluid until the end.

Have yourself a lovely day. Do what is the most important. Sending you all Light through Love,


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