Memoir of Ashes

I was just leaving, yet I am certainly sorry that it has come to this.

I seem to have rearranged an imperative pattern to suddenly awaken, if I am not mistaken.

It vibrates chaotically within my numb mind, soon to implode internally, if only for the purpose to destabilize.

An unfortunate situation, if I do so say myself.

It involves alienation, inciting divination and fondling memories while pushing them to extremes through the power of imagination.

This wouldn’t be so complicated if I hadn’t created the archetype of our environment in the first place. I remember a our initial home, a sanctuary of serenity and simplicity.

The days when we would side by side silently pondering over our future and where our love would lead us eventually.

Laughter, I hear it sweetly. The vivid ocean, we watch it dearly. Lips of honey, I taste them hungrily.

Only in my dreams as of late to be honest however. For the forecast was changed deliberately, and now look at the weather, it’s cold and rigid. Wet and slippery.

Beyond this storm that is plaguing the disposition internally, through both you and me, at the very least, we both know that clear skies shall once more reign supreme, eventually. As these colorful raindrops strike the dirt, flowers bloom immediately and question my resistance to natural evolution, I pull out an ancient rune.

Depicting a burden, one that wardens my curiosity into narrow hall. The answer is simple, I read from the stone tablet, unsure of my own response, I state that in all honesty, I am afraid to fall.

To lose myself through your trials, to be born anew as a challenged and conquered man who swims within your Nile.

Let me tell you, these waters are sweet. They keep me nourished and content but within I still feel weak.

For I fell long ago and I haven’t seemed to have grounded upon my own two feet. Which I why I silently weep as you walk gracefully away and I limp towards a new mysterious keep. Deep within these stone walls I recover.

Mustering strength and courage that I believed I held onto no longer. I remember the words of life and recite the poems of death. For the first time in a long while, I actualize and give thanks to my breath.

Here in this moment I see as to why I fell far like my brother Icarus. Admiring the life giving waters, I neglected my wings even as the flames of the sun left them crisp.

Soon I was plunging deep within a supernatural kiss, yet I forgot my purpose once I dove in, which is why as I fragmented I became a nihilist.

Without knowing where I truly belong, I felt as though it was you who had done me wrong- projections, these are energetic songs that we sing to the beauty when the beast within is too strong.

Aroused, Excused and Aloof. These are three traits of a fool in Love and on the Loose.

As we proceed down the aisle of time please do provide proof, of the days that brought you deeper into my arms and the frames in which you’d wish I would release you in truth. For I would rewind, as I know you do.

To a field where flowers and the children of the earth bloom. Songs are sung by the birds as the insects provide a vibration as a leading tune. We were mesmerized by the Sun, we were captivated by the Moon.

The air ran through our hair, cool earth underneath our feet, raindrops kissing our forehead as the flames of the sun provided us heat.

We were whole then, bliss enveloped our unity, now we are watching the cosmic rays create life and dictate death individually.

We sing songs to remember. We blow smoke to retreat when the images bring us to our knees. If our love was an ember in the fire, I forgot to keep watch, I forgot my duty.

For that I apologize once, thrice, infinitely. For beauty manifest daily is a rare occurrence in a magical world, make sure to appreciate and treasure it when I presents itself to thee.

Live here and now. Appreciate that before you. Be gracious for Love, as it in it’s truth is rare and pure in these ages. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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