Woodland Songs

There is a tunnel, hidden in the mist, over the ivory plated bridge that sleeps deep within the emerald woods.

Mysteries, myths, epiphanies and songs, they all tell the story of a lone bard who spends his days musing the sky with his lullabies.

Mixing sorrow within laughter, horror within beauty and chaos within order, he tempts even the heavens to cry.

Many have claimed that he is a monster, but that merely dictates that he is misunderstood.

It is said that he awaits the phantom of his lover who fell ill and passed on to the next world in the woods.

Underneath a moonlit stream, it was here that he was consumed.

By madness, sadness, the complexity of emotions that range within Humanity make it a difficult guess, as we are not in another’s shoes.

Yet the question remains of why the bard holds on to the past when he could choose to release the pain of his loss into the river and renew himself anew.

Sincerity, meaning I belong to you and you belong to me.

This is the primal pact made between a man and a woman who unite under the stars as the roots connect to the willow tree.

In this moment, all else is erased. A new phase has transitioned. A new path emerges upon the maze.

Speaking in riddles and languages long forgotten, it is easy for the soul to remember the moment it connected to it’s half.

This, is why the man remains. For his love cannot be forgotten or removed, it was no stain.

It was pure. Pure bliss. Pure understanding. Pure pain. Pure love. As above where she resides and watches, below he sings of their reunion.

Ominous signs portray the luminous reality unfolding fluidly unto you and I, watch for her breath, the clouds in the sky.

As smoke embraces the inner cells and elevates the bard unto her height. It is clear to see that upon infinity, they can share stories, make love and certainly sing all night.

As the sun rises however, they must part. Journey unto their own domain and prepare the daily rituals even if the love memorized is all they truly sought.

Sing the song to me, Universally. Play a mesmerizing chord to ring true through the Galaxy. As a solar flare ignites us, embrace and truly taste me.

Thank you for checking out my latest piece and I hope you enjoyed. Please share among your friends and family, you are helping a young writer fuel his dreams by doing so. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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