Trivial Instability


A state of contortion, confusion, pain and sadness. One that evokes a question and an answer.

Floating amongst the clouds and watching the static unfold below, it is easy to find yourself in a state of frustration.

Miscommunication, misunderstanding, lack of resolve and little planning. These attribute to a state of decay that ultimately we tend to deny.

For this age is pivotal in such a minimal amount of time, path left and right, one filled with destruction and despair while the other harbors healing and renewal, one a product of darkness while the other is of light.

Pivotal in many ways. Individually, culturally, collectively, professionally.

For this is where we grow into a stage that compliments our current internal state. Rise to great heights either to stabilize or shake and break.

As I am guided alongside a thought that proves to be exorbitantly progressive, I realize that in order to allow this new state to flourish, I must digress from the previous.

Yet that would be foolish, and wisdom is an inherent tool within.

If I were to reconcile the previous state, nourish and polish it, could I not simply interweave the two states into a whole, understanding the previous and harnessing the new so that I may presently begin, a journey that I never began and shall never end.

For within an infinite continuum I tend to energetically bend.

One loop unto the next, yet what has been resolved?

A thousand lifetimes attempting to grasp and understand this mystery, a thousand times returning with failure yet each time I’ve been absolved.

For there is no hidden secret enticing us to chase the truth abstractly.

No magical enclave awaiting to envelop you with eternity.

Imagination, can birth a Universe in a single day.

Can that be proven? Possibly, however I am ever so frustrated. Simply because I’ve never been capable of choosing to win or lose, one in the same from various perspectives, it always seemed a rouse.

The latter statement signifies that I was incapable, unstable and constantly chasing satisfaction from Sunrise.

No emerald sea awaiting me, solely the product of curiosity has lead me to believe that I may be ready to absolve the sentence passed unto me by internal judgement and insidious fear that haunts humanity.

For all that will, certainly shall. Beckoning me forward out of hibernation, this situation is a challenging growth beneath the surface, through purpose we shall divide a new course chartered by our own adventures.

A new day, a new dawn. Enjoy it, for the next shall rise before too long. Thank you for reading this piece and I hope you enjoyed. If you would like to support my writing journey, please follow the blog and share my work with your social media and family/friends. It means a lot to me and I truly appreciate your support, as always, sending you Light through Love,


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