Purging Vanity

Swimming underneath the sandy stars within a lake of poppy milk.

Physically exhausting as you struggle against eternity before you begin to periodically melt, away unto a brighter day.

Subtlety detected, a hole in the field.

Draining away vital energy to fill mental space, which is deleted momentarily and left without a trace.

For there is a quantity quantified infinitely to expedite the process of absorbing the knowledge before you and I.

What a process this is, coming to a stable decision while maintaining the vindication to truly work through the detailed plan customized individually until your own release, yet another demise.

For if destiny is meant to be a surprise, then why is it that we seek that which is out of our reach, as the moon seeks to kiss the sun just as it begins to rise, resulting in a demoralizing cycle that drives us to deeper and even more maddening conclusions.

After all, all we have sought after is a solution to diffuse the deep clouds of confusion hovering around our light.

This is the plight unfortunately, this is the challenge, to be able to contain the ever consuming conflagration that is destabilizing your center of gravity, the cause is in plain sight.

The cause and effect is one and the same, making the solution as simple and difficult as pronouncing your name and in turn deciding if the time has come at last to enact the magic known as change.

The constant in motion cascading throughout the static of time and space, for if one was to be destroyed or created, another must take it’s place, yet as we know scientifically, all that ever was or ever will be is present, meaning that nothing appears or truly disperses, it simply changes state.

From a leaf of grass to the endless sky climbing the insurmountable peak. Analyze, strategize and consciously evaluate.

Demonstrate the serenity and love that you have harnessed as of late. Accept your fate, never.

Forever push yourself further and acknowledge that you are the sole master of this individual chapter in the endless novel that perpetually narrates every spec of dust and every galactic state.

For the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. A path to tread, one of bliss as well as dread, fear and love, hope and uncertainty, the combinations are as endless as infinity.

I pray that you are at peace at this moment in time and as always thank you for taking the time to read my piece. If you would like to support my work, please do share with your friends and family via social media or word of mouth, re-post on your own blog if you feel moved to do so. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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