Subtract Deception

A single victory turns the tide of the war indefinitely.

What was once viewed as sure defeat turns into a historic moment of understanding through ingenuity.

For the forces that sought to destroy and imprison the mind that was opened to the truth, bestowed through an untimely vision, ultimately succumbed to the power that they wielded initially.

For hate can not be remain eternally and will eventually age into misery. A straight line, pointing the direction of the final atonement.

In order to make sense of the seemingly mundane, in order to remain conscious when the collective indulges in the profane, in order to prevent illness from seeping into our veins.

We must be persistent and insistent on the decision for we alone are delegating the future of our discretion, what shall manifest and what shall fade to dust, we are persevering through a storm, the eye of the storm belongs to those who are willing to stay a step above.

Above mediocrity and stupidity, two traits that strictly define the breeding grounds throughout modern Humanity.

More wisdom and knowledge than ever before in our history, yet as to why we are inseparable from our past mistakes and as to why they keep reappearing consistently in the present is defined as insanity, considering we are chaos incarnate this should be no mystery.

For we break on through to the other side when at least we acknowledge there was nor has there ever been a reason to hide.

For we resolve and thrive in the solar rays, the Sun energizes our very essence and allows us to rebuild our sovereignty, we acknowledge and cement the previous misunderstood lessons in the presence of purity.

The truth is revealed as the corruption begins to dissipate , showing us the true nature of our spirit, appearing as flames at first then washed by the cooling water, spread throughout our essence by the wind and grounded unto us through the earth.

It appears that this journey is initially offered as a gift and only through perception and time spread through space do we ultimately view it as a curse.

For it a construct, devised and implemented atop the crown of your head, where you allowed the signal of contortion to pierce your veil, then confusion wrestled the truth and eventually vibrated freely throughout your homestead.

As it always appears to me, it is plain the see, that we need not ponder nor wonder of the abstract possibilities or the lost history of antiquity.

For this present moment is where we are fueled powerfully, we have the option to stop, evaluate and enact change that will ring true throughout universal infinity.

For the world is ours, both old and new. Nothing is lost, the truth remains untouched and stalwart despite the maimed perceptions that surround you.

A small victory today shall evolve alongside you as you ring true through honor, purity and virtue.

The responsibility to grow, prosper and decipher, that alone remains unto you.

As always, thanks for reading my friends. If you enjoyed this piece then please do share it on your social media and amongst your family and friends, your support means the world to a young aspiring artist such as myself. As a musician, I just released my 2nd EP (6 original songs) and will link that below so that you may see another side of my art (other than writing). Here’s the link
As always, sending you Light through Love,


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