We rise through Truth

A sudden jolt as the daily initiation once again sets into motion.

Feeling throughout the body corresponds intuitively as you regain the mental capacity to assess your surroundings.

Another evening, another adventure so to speak. For as the physical in this realm restores and re calibrates, where is it that our soul retreats?

As though in a lucid dream, you once more tap into a dimension, suspended through space and time, the vessel you fuel is the destination.

To traverse and explore, to implore and by struck by awe.

This world is a wonder truly beyond anything that could possibly be recalled. Consciousness flowing freely with a nature of raw power, animates the life that blooms and springs among the notes of perfect harmonious order.

For the one song is sung in order with creation, emitting chords of prosperity, love and unity that ring true and in accordance with the laws depicted by truth throughout the ages. Yet, as with creation, emotions too come into play.

For if there is nothing but beauty and light, then eventually a chord of discord shall strike disharmony.

Provoking jealousy, hate, anger and greed, a seed is planted in the heart of Humanity that begins to eat the roots of our once proud and righteous creed.

It was here that a new song began to be sung, under a new banner of disguised darkness, moving to the chaotic sway of a destructive drum.

Which is heard and therefore portrayed through vibrational evocations in which we are made from, radiating and ocislating until we no longer recognize our purpose, no longer facilitate learning, no longer care for the community, collapse internally and wreak havoc on a world externally.

For we were never beasts, incarnate primally to dwell this land. Our place has always been dancing among the flames, hand in hand, preserving the truth and wisdom that allowed us to live in paradise.

We must make the decision, to rise up in truth and dismantle the mental limitations imposed upon the greater masses by those who never had the heart to face their own shadows and decisions.

For we bleed so dearly as our mother does, look to the mental plagues enveloping the youth of so called developed nations while the ancient burdens of famine, disease and conflict strike darkness into the hearts of those living across the plane we all call home.

We are all Kings and Queens, Brothers and Sisters before the law of one, yet why is it that we cling to the disbelief in an international caste system, when it is ever so clear that there has since time immemorial been a distinct and vindictive one.

We can choose to act or regret, failure to comply with the rigid societal and individual mold assigned to you at birth will result in certainly loss of reputation and accountability within the authoritative system sweeping this reality, yet what good does it all truly matter if our children won’t be able to ever know what it is like to live a life worth living, to think freely and openly, to love deeply and unbiased, to care for the youthful and the eldest, to nurture this planet that has given us everything we’ve ever needed.

We, the people, we, the living, we, Humanity, shall never falter under a shadow, for we are light, and everything is revealed under the light of truth eventually and let’s face the facts, fear never wins over love.

For love is what unites us a a family, a single body. Love is what makes life worth living. Never give in to your truth.

Know that you are deeply loved and cared for and you matter immensely. Your special talents are meant to be utilized, not hidden, never hidden.

Let’s make the most of this beautiful and chaotic life, shall we? Start speaking up about you believe in. This planet, peace, truth and removal of international censorship. This world needs us all.

As always, thank you for reading. Don’t take my words lightly, take yourself seriously and do what you love and believe in. If you enjoyed this piece, please repost on your blog/social media, share among your family and friends, it’s truly appreciated more than you can imagine by this young writer.

On one last note, I just released my new EP, “Simple Talk”, as a musician. If you’d like to listen you can find the link below, just another avenue in which I express myself.


Sending you Light through Love,


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