Accept the Call

Fade away freely from the constraints embedded within and allow yourself to surface, if only for a brief moment.

For when we are interwoven through layers upon layers of fabrications, concepts and evaluations, it is incredibly difficult to focus on what is simply right before us.

As though you are chasing the answer yet it has been torn asunder and scattered to the wind, now you chase for the fragments of truth through eternity when you forget that the answer before it was put to paper simply came from within.

As it was before the deluge and purge, the scourge and mythological urge to create stories of the same mold, we were simply present, no feverous focus on the previous nor going delirious over what could occur in the future.

The story unfolding before us all should certainly strike wonder and awe into the eyes of the beholder, for never before has there been a time in history where we had the intuition to dramatically shift our order.

For the chaos and discord that has prevailed upon the stage in which we all play a role is beginning to come to a fold.

The destruction and darkness that is released from the depths of unconsciousness is beginning to recede, no longer do old powers retain or hold the score of the whole.

For we are figments of a piece of art, painting our way through the epic tale depicting our evolution as a symbiotic entity, one in all and all in one, we all emerge from the infinite source from which eternity hails from.

We move, in a perfect dance to the beat of this universal drum, suddenly the rhythmic pattern begins to shift, emerging a piercing energy striking each and everyone one of us deep into our hearts and soul.

Now, at least we realize that we have internalized to the point of combustion and must release the pain, deceit and decay that has clung to us since immemorial.

Look at the Earth! Praise the Sky. Sing to the blue Oceans, allow your tears to immerse with the waters of time. Tend the the Flames and run through the Hills.

For our time, a moment in which we preserve, a moment in which we learn, a moment in which we turn away from the errors of our past and make a lasting commitment to never allow ourselves to replicate the suffering that is ever so constant within this fragile reality embedded in glass.

For life is sweet nectar, in which we must let drip upon our tongue slowly, enjoying each nourishing drop as it filters and delivers the Human Experience.

We need not be hasty or under the impression that we must finish what we started.

The time to open your mind, clear your heart, lift your spirits has ignited, it would be wise to be patient and start this process.

Deliver the intention manifest in order to actualize your potential, your potential is limitless and you owe it to yourself to tap into divinity, faith or not, there is a far higher purpose. Surrender to yourself.

As always my friends, thank you dearly for taking the time to read my work. It means the world to me as a young writer, if you could, please do share my work on your own blog/media as well as your friends and family. Take care of yourself, your loved ones and honor the Earth. As always, sending you Light through Love,


PS: I just released my 2nd EP as a musician, if you would like to check it out and support another part of me as a creator I would truly appreciate it.

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