Inspired Pilgrimage

Surfacing from a deeply paralyzing trance, it is easy to move forward without taking a second glace.

For in the split second, notice that there may in fact be an infection seeping through the unmentioned and neglected.

The smallest detail, renowned as so minimal that it could not possibly result in failure, may in fact be the Achilles heel that always avoided exposure.

At the last moment in the final second, remain accountable for the elements that will further require retention.

As it is easy to find a situation in which isolation and destabilization will occur as a result of the initially unintended.

Analyze in between the lines and always be conscious of intuitive signs, for it is only our soul that will guide us to a point in time in which our destiny is aligned.

Variables, micro and macro, positive and negative are manifest directly and partially, presently aware of the chemicals needed to make the experiment a reality and those that if added would result in a fallacy, in which the outcome relays the fatality of a concept so grand that it would shake the foundations of this Earth and vibrate through the layers of reality.


This is what we must begin to teach, for we gather and attain from the moment we listen and in turn speak, so if we do not process and recalibrate frequently then we will be living in a singular state, never fluidly expanding beyond a stagnant vibration that simply mimics and regurgitates.

For Creativity is Universal knowledge, plucked from the tree of wisdom to utilize directly into the present and is then improved through conscious consideration.

For everywhere we look there is ingenuity and spontaneity just as there is depression and feelings of hopelessness, for the system must be frequently updated otherwise it may attract a virus.

If caught initially and treated then the error can be corrected yet allow it to linger and you will realize that only you were neglected, and defeated, by your own mistreating.

Never allow denial of the truth to create a spiral of unhappiness and want yet not truly needing.

For we enter the maze of life when we enter the womb, if we don’t trace ourselves carefully through the corridors then it is easy to lose our ways and eventually become the monster in which we entered the arena to slew.

For there is no mystery awaiting you, the challenge is clear to see, at first you must acquire self mastery before you can accept the call of doing your duty in this epic space time odyssey.

Correct your vision and clear your mind, open your heart and see the world truly unified.

As always, thank you for reading my work and I hope that you enjoyed this piece. If you found wisdom or connected with this writing then I am very glad, that is it’s purpose. If you would be so kind to share my work on your own blog/media and friends and family, it would mean the world to this young aspiring writer. As always, sending you Light through Love,


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