Learn and Spread, Truth.

There comes a point (many times in one’s life typically) where you begin to question, what’s it all for ultimately? This can be viewed as a crisis internally on an individual level and externally as a society and typically becomes the changing point in thinking for young child, because they begin to question and think for themselves.

It’s a rather grand question, yet not one to be taken lightly or discarded in your later years simply because at this point in your life you tell yourself that you have far more important matters to attend to.

However, the simple matter of the fact is, if you don’t start asking yourself what you are truly striving towards each day and at the very least attempting to remain aligned and consistent with achieving the pinnacle of your purpose, then what are you serving? Clearly not yourself.

The primary objective of an individual Being’s existence, in my opinion, is to simply identify, evolve towards and ultimately achieve happiness and peace through service to oneself (always learning about yourself, nurturing your mind and body, setting and achieving goals and being proud of your achievements etc.) as well as living in service to Humanity (by sharing what you have learnt, assisting those who are incapable of assisting themselves, living a clean and sustainable life and uplifting those to achieve success and happiness etc.).

When we are living in service by sharing our truth and honed skills with greater Humanity we in turn continue to evolve further and further towards a point of selflessness as the ultimate achievement despite the circumstance of clear self sacrifice will be for the benefit of the whole rather than the individual (skills, even those naturally born, are always honed through hard work, discipline and dedication- you can be as passionate as you would like, the simple matter of the fact is if you don’t put in the time then you will not be in the same mind state as those who have).

When a student begins to learn from a new master and is very passionate about the subject they are being trained in they may become parasitic if they simply expect to be taught without first proving that they can handle the new found knowledge they have attained responsibly and for the betterment of the whole rather than simply the betterment of the individual. This comes back down to selflessness and selfishness. The two most common mindset that is occupying any Human Being at a given moment.

A selfless individual will learn patiently and learn the proper path of a given art from a true master, in turn they will respect and obey their teacher within positive reason and in turn use what they have learned to have a positive impact on the greater whole.

A selfish individual will in turn learn greedily and as quickly as possible and when the teacher has nothing else to offer, the will walk away, lose control of the skills the once possessed and wreak havoc on themselves and those around them.

What we search for ultimately is understanding ourselves, attaining and striving towards purpose in a positive manner and evolving physically, mentally and spiritually through the internal and external worlds.

Only we are capable of putting in the energy required for self mastery that in turn leads to self fulfillment and that comes from the inside of one’s soul and then resonates through their mind and in turn through their vessel.

Nothing external can substitute for discipline, hard work and perseverance. Always strive higher, serve honorably and be conscious of your perception in opposition to another’s, be open.

As always, thank you kindly for reading my work. Writing is one of my greatest passions and it gives me immense joy putting thoughts fluidly to manifestation, if you enjoy my work it would be truly appreciated if you share it among your blog/media and your friends and family.

I recently put out my 2nd EP under my musical counterpart, The Aquarian Initiative, if you would like to listen please check out the link below:


As always, sending you Light through Love,


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