Ecstatic Circles

As irises widen exposing the light, there is nothing but an image manifest that is imbued with adventure and delight.

A single touch that jolts alive, a feeling inside that neither fear nor uncertainty could hide, for it is love that ultimately coincides when you grip an atomic structure that sends pure pleasure rippling throughout your entangled disguise.

Engaged in ecstasy and perpetually pleased whenever in one another’s company, our microcosm seems to be the macrocosm of eternity, at least in the eyes of you and me.

For it is true that the moon evades the presence of the sun as it begins to rise, yet it is known that they secretly send letters expressing their deepest regret was that they never loved one another when they had the chance, and now forever they shall be denied.

As it is true that what happens amongst the ebony twilight remains right in the heart of those that shared their secrets and exposed their hearts to one another’s true plight.

A plight that is due and most certainly true, for the plague of Humanity is that we cannot accept that our limited time is to treasure, share, teach and love, never to control one another’s virtue, for if you were to step into another shoes, you would be but in another vessel, scarred by a lifetime of beauty and pain, you would then see it is solely the egotistical experience that separates the understanding that as long as one of us is denied, we all truly lose. As we have always been a family, from the moment you exchanged frequencies with me, we were cemented in a fantasy that is based in reality that is characterized by frailty and unity.

As separate we suffer, wonder and blunder.

Cease to persist on finding bliss within a besieged fortress, the one in which we reside, is it true that we must go our separate ways out of fear of the enemy at the gates, even if it is us too who command the armies that seek to tear apart you and I.

We lose ourselves and then in turn we lose others, as we cannot possibly rely on another to constantly supplement our mistakes forever, that unto itself however is the true endeavor of so many who operate at this level, the one of Love, one that is tough, knowing that it will never recede or fade away but always wondering if it will truly be enough. If it is clear, to you and me, to all of those that have traversed through space and time and found themselves incarnate within this reality, that Love is the only essence that can bring about equilibrium and prosperity.

For how can we understand one another if our heads are in the sand and we refuse to dilute the pure message that we are trying to insert into one another’s hand.

For there is a you and me and there is certainly us, distinct and euphoric entities that interwoven will certainly rust, yet there is also the possibility that lost and alone we may fade to dust.

Direction and purpose, I see it in the stars, I am no astronomer however, I am simply a bard, you unto yourself can more clearly the answer in the night as you sit on the moon, I alone invoke you to allow me to consume the rumination that illuminated the illusionary absence of any internally issues.

For alone we have our gifts but together we can share, understand the diversity that is present in our air.

Be fueled or consumed by the presence of love, that is the challenge that engages us presently as we flutter like butterflies throughout the story of Us.

I hope you enjoyed this piece and hope you are doing very well. Life’s too short to not express your truth and do what you truly love. Excuses are abundant and will always be present, do the work to manifest what you seek. Please share this piece on your blog/media and with you friends and family if you wish to support a young aspiring writer.

I also just released my 2nd EP, Simple Talk, with my musical project The Aquarian Initiative, if you would like to check out another avenue of creative expression of mine, the link is below, truly appreciated!

Sending you Light through Love,


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