Silent, Slow, Stop

A minute more if only to implore a distinct memory that searches through the core.

A dilemma, so it seems, that unto itself breathes and dreams and breaks down your reality as soon as you believed you had at last arrived to a point of enclosed sanity.

An essence that certainly has a presence, always possessive and starring as a menace.

A viper waiting to strike in the night when there is no guiding light.

Is this an external entity and rather a lurking nemesis that hides internally.

For it is true that what we seek, was at one point projected from a point of frailty.

For we seek evolution, progression and enhancement, so that we may better understand how to react within this energetic encampment.

Where we all intertwine and realign from various perspectives that either thrive alongside or control and deny.

For we are of the same body, cells that perform a function in a negative or positive manner.

Pushing agendas of rehabilitation and healing or further destruction that will push us to the brink of deleting, all that we have accomplished, all that we have achieved.

History can be broken down simply, for it is constantly rewritten to suit those that have a purpose to hide our true mystery.

Now is the time to open. now is the time to think, to drink deeply of your own healing, to dive deep into a trance that will deplete, the stories, parasites, white noise and sound waves.

So many algorithms running through each unit, the more complex simply makes for an end equation of misunderstanding which can easily evolve to misery.

Dig deeper and fuel your vessel and understand the spirit powering it’s purpose, divulge the layers of unnecessary ingredients.

It’s easy to regret a life when it is not you truly leading it.

As always, thank you for reading this aspiring writer’s work, it means a lot to me. If you could kindly share this piece with your friends and family who you believe would enjoy as well, it would be greatly appreciated.

I also just released my 2nd EP under my musical persona, The Aquarian Initiative, please check it out below if you wish to check out my other creative avenues!

Sending you Light through Love,


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