Forward unto further

Never believe a coincidence was exactly as so, for meaning, direction and affirmation can show up in the strangest of ways in the most uncertain times.

For there is understanding taking place through oneself constantly even if one is not conscious of the fact (considering the subconscious mind is %1000 more powerful than the conscious, you typically aren’t as truly critical and selective as you may believe).

When an event or message appears in your life that is a clear indicator or reinforcement on a thought that may have been traversing your mind for quite some time and pushes you forward in a direction that you didn’t believe was correct beforehand, don’t resist.

As resistance is when many of us prevent ourselves from moving forward into the next chapter in our life story, therefore evolving into a higher version of yourself in ever aspect possible (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional).

Resistance can come in many forms, external for example meaning pressure from a situation or an individual (be they familial, romantic, social or professional) that is steering your in the opposite direction of your own intuition (your gut feeling, your heart’s desire) and you comply simply because you are invested in the external situation or individual, despite the fact that is is not in the positive interest of yourself.

Internal as well, when it is in fact yourself avoiding the call of life to further your own positive growth and evolution due to self worth issues or emotional distress.

When we avoid what we truly are experiencing this life for, we tend to stagnate, depreciate and ultimately devolve from our current state unto a lower form.

Now attuned to a lower vibrational frequency, you delve further and further from your own truth, your own love (internal, self love, external, love of the world and all within) and begin to operate in a state of envy, unhappiness and anger, really all those nasty emotions.

Why is that? Because we aren’t living for ourselves, we may be living another’s life by working for them and being miserable or maybe we aren’t living for anything eventually, as a state of deep depression and uncertainty sets in after little to no investment in self worth, self love, determination and passion.

On the other hand. When we begin to truly actualize our potential and develop the skill set that is innately within us waiting to be discovered and honed and in turn collaborating with other individuals who themselves are passionate and excited to further pursue their dreams, we truly begin to realize what happiness is all about.

We feel empowered as we empower others, we feel gratified when we ourselves gratify, we feel humbled when another is humbled, we feel healthy when we clean the earth, water and air together, we feel pain for one another.

We are all deeply connected. Living in service to oneself through constant evolution and self investment so that you may better be of service to your fellow Humanity and Earth, ultimately that’s the main objective in my perspective; to live in harmony with our environment and one another and to prosper and constantly evolve ourselves in a positive manner and teach one another to grow further and learn in turn.

We as a whole are happiest when surrounded by others and engaging in activities that benefit ourselves and the greater whole of Humanity symbiotically.

The days of greed and darkness really are coming to an end, there simply won’t be any room for overbearing monsters that consume parasitically much sooner than later.

The world is changing, in a very extreme and rapid way, right before our eyes and in so many different ways.

Be a part of the change by contributing your true self and all the gifts that you have to offer to this beautiful collective reality we share.

This is your chance.

As always, thank you kindly for reading and I hope you enjoyed this piece. If you would be so kind as to please share this article on your blog/media or among friends and family it would be truly appreciated by this young writer. I hope you all have a lovely week.

Recently I’ve put out my 2nd EP as a musician, so if you would like to check out another avenue of my art click the link below!

Sending you Light through Love,


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