Faith of Fate

Faith of Fate.

Is that an anecdote to chaos within the present simply as it offers transcendence from the current predicament unto a state of knowing the cause had thus effect and in turn, is a part of natural harmony.

Even when one is thriving immeasurably against all odds, is it in turn their faith that allowed them to expand to the pinnacle they have reached?

It turns out, as naturally as we breathe, we believe.

Since our inception there have been systems and beliefs that have always sought to give truth and understanding to a mystery that we are incarnate within.

We’ve always live under various guidelines and moralities that keep us at peace and willing to trust, depending on the situation at least, so that we may overcome obstacles that we may not have have been capable of conquering had we not simply trusted the process that guided us along the trial in faith.

When venturing out into the unknown, when it feels as though everything you’ve known, loved and trusted has faded away from you until there is nothing but a beating heart pushing you forward, understand that it was you and you alone who designed this journey and has now been thrust upon it.

For if you cannot have heart in a dire situation when you feel as though a fragment of your soul has screamed “we’ve been defeated”, then how can you overcome ghosts of the past sleeping next to an open space and realize that is was all simply a nightmare, one that seems to be repeated.

For what if you felt as though you had been deleted.

Then, you would require faith to remain seated.

It’s a testament to responsibility, yet that is not what I would choose.

For if I could read the stars for answers and then sing them into creation through the embers, you, I would never lose.

Yet faith keeps a wolf, licking his wounds, looking at his sole reflection in the river and gently howling at the ever distant moon.

For it is a burden to speak when you can no longer reap the rewards that love, the all encompassing, ever so solemnly rewards to those who weep.

For that is the truth is it not, as faith is the only tool that can teach you lessons over and over, what you believe you had already been taught.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are well, wherever you may be. Love hard and don’t forget where it all came from. Please share among media/blogs as well as friends and family if you’d like to support this young aspiring writer.

Sending you Light through Love,


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